Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I am learning...

I am learning that perseverance pays. Oh dah!!! I know. It seems obvious but l am beginning to learn that most of us do what my favorite author Dr John Maxwell says.. we overestimate yesterday and underestimate today. Today. This is your present. The time when you are meant to be working on your dreams allowing them to be a reality tomorrow. Oh l am learning!!! Of course if you live by working on your goals daily, this will not come as news. Most of us live in the future. Yet God has only granted us today. We look at tomorrow and say, "If l or when l …" Placing yourself in the future sometimes can be good and bad. Good because it makes you work harder and mostly stay positive. Bad because you underestimate today at the risk of losing tomorrow. I am learning.

They say l am ambitious. I hear. I can't tell coz its them who can see it. But for me the challenge has been to retain my dreams in an achievable form. I guess my ambition stems from the encouragement l get from reading books like Failing forward by Dr John Maxwell, Lewis Timberlake's book Born to Win, Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow rich among others. When l read how others have accomplished and how they have overcome their pains to just get to where they want to be, l get charged up. Sometimes getting too charged up can cause you to live in the tomorrow. That tomorrow looks better than today. But what is important to know is that you can work today to make a better tomorrow. Today is what God has given us to make a better tomorrow. I know because everyday l realize that today l am a result of yesterday's choices. Yesterday l called it today. Today l called it tomorrow. How then can you fail to work on your dreams today while your tomorrow will be today? I am learning that although my tomorrow may be far away the seeds of making it better are meant to be planted today. As l stand at the threshold of a new beginning, yesterday's seeds will tell me if l was keen enough. Being very keen means that perseverance was part of the game. Why? The realities might be chocking the seeds up that dawn with age. The seeds here being the works that follow dreams. It's tough to dream as reality stares at you.
I am learning perseverance is not an option if l am to get to where l want in this life