Tuesday, May 06, 2008


This was meant to have been done way back in March 2008.

Yes,March 2008. A month l will never forget. I resigned on the 4th March 2008 and moved on.Yes l did.
For some of my friends they are still in so much shock that l have to calm them down. They are still in a daze.I guess l really liked what l did. I still do.Just that now l am doing pure PR communications. I love it. It is fun and l am learning a lot on the job and applying what l already know in fundraising.

But most of all..l have learned about me.Dreams that were deep seated that were not getting out...suddenly find me as the reluctant one. Meaning..God is bringing big things into fruition.

I am here thinking Lord thank you l moved. I am happier.Of course the money and terms are better.But no one should lie to you, every place has its advantages and disadvantages. The pace here is frenetic. It could actually kill you in the process.But l am learning to be happy with what God has allowed to come into my life.Because He is in control.I love God seriously.I am so into Him..not because of what He does but who He is. I love Him. I love Him because of how He spoke through so many people about my future and the way He was patient when l doubted my strengths. I love Him for His genuine love for us mere mortals.

Oh yes l moved on.