Saturday, June 11, 2005


If this is not expecting too much from the human race, then l surely don't know what it is.You tell me. Sit tight and be the judge of it all. Drama drama drama!!!!

Why l pray oh why?Why don't we ever sit down and just draw the lines that link the dots. The dots that lead to insecurity in Kenya.

It is totally awesome that we are looking out for our forests. It is noble that we are thinking of making Kenya a better place to live. I like the idea. Who wouldn't? But l have a problem. When l see my fellow Kenyans being thrown out into the cold, then l get concerned. The eyes of the children and the tears of the old make one's heart just sober up as a result of pain. What is this we are watching on our screens? Why is that woman cooking her food under a polythene paper while she had a house just last night? Why is this child getting a fever while it could have been avoided?

I know they are on someone's land. But l also know that if you don't provide an alternative this same person will be pointing a gun to your head tomorrow asking for all your hard earned money.

And no. Poverty does not always result to insecurity. You know until you have opened your ears to some stories then you always think that insecurity is as a result of poverty. Actually it contributes less than 5%. You know how l knew? I was in a meeting where someone literally told us of an African country, l don't remember which, where no one steals. Or if it happens, it's a rare thing.Yet, when you walk into that place poverty is at a chockingly high level.No one steals from you. No one takes stuff that doesn't belong to them. And yes, they experience poverty more than we as a Kenyan lot do.

According to me, insecurity is highly a problem of attitude. That whatever you have is mine as long as l like it and l don't have it. That l must kill to get what you have or to get revenge. Yes, it is an attitude and a rotten one.

Having dealt with that, how about connecting the dots. Yes, dots that lead to insecurity. When you as a government sit back and bark orders and shout civil servants down to oblivion, tell me what you are expecting? Are you expecting that a father will go back home with all his male ego and look at his hungry child and do nothing about it?Recall the attitude l was talking about. With that attitude do you think for one moment that that father will blink at the thought of harming you to feed a hungry mouth? Then why don't you simply find an alternative.

If you are chasing those people out of the forests, have you thought about plan b? That is the exact problem l had with the free education concept. Good concept by the way. President Kibaki did us proud. But as he debated the idea, did he have implementors on the ground? People who were thinking through this very good idea? If they did, how come kids are like 80:1? Are these kids getting an education if any?

Now that we know how our education system is working, can we now see the importance of planning? If we do, are you wondering about a logical plan B for those that you are chasing out of the forests?

Remember, tomorrow as you get home one of them will have a gun to your head, how stupid then if you don't draw the lines that connect the dots to insecurity.


If you have been following this blog keenly by now you know l have something to say about the whole wide world. Yes l do. So how do you like that?hahaha!! Very naughty naughty girl. Its all good. Its all life. AND I LOVE LIFE!!!

Okay Dennis dennis dennis!!!!?!!! Of course Dennis Oliech. Why else would l say his name three times!!! Don't even think about it:-)This guy reads about poverty as history. I like it. The sweat of his brow has earned him a sawa lifestyle. I like it. I like it that he gets paid well to do what he does best. You know l totally believe in that. So here's the beef. First, this coin has two sides to it. Him not playing was very bad, very very bad. Considering that this guy could put afew of his team mates on his payroll and not feel it. I thought he should have played and hollared baadayez. Patriotism first. Flip that coin.

I don't like it that KFF thinks that they have a right to players even when they don't pay them. I told you Sambu Sir, that this game of not paying your players will catch up with you. What did you think? She is a woman. She is bluffing. Bluffing my foot(tongue in check). KFF is a sorry excuse for a federation. You give us so much shame we just don't know how to hide it. Our sorry selves are beaten to the ground when we go for international matches. Surely Sambu Omera, can't you do something better as time goes by?

So was Oliech right to not show up for the match? Your guess is as good as mine? This is an emotive issue especially because we were thwarked.

Like l said, this coin has two sides. But Sambu is sure riding this boat straight into an iceberg. You cannot mistreat people and expect them to smile. What, are you a danda head or something? You can't expect them to be matyrs of your horrid Public Relations and treatment then turn back and say, when is the next match?!!!!

Omera!! you are expecting too much.



Long time, no write. I have longed for a moment like this with baited
breathe. Why?

For the last l don't how long, l have been working on the Launch of the
*Pillars Guide - a manual on responding more effectively to HIV/AIDS*.
It has a Christian perspective to it. It is in Swahili and totally
awesome with audiences that are willing to make stigma history. It is
clear and to the point. Enough about it. But if you would like to find
out more about it, just holla and l will have it gotten to you. It was
worth the hussle. You know getting the who whos to the place of the
launch. Get everything right. You can't believe what you have to go
through to just get an audience of 150 people seated and listening to an
idea you think is great. It truly is a hussle.Anyways.

So l was saying that l have longed for a moment like this for a long
time. For the last one month l have been working for 14 hours or more.
It has been tiring. Sometimes surviving on 3 or 4 hours's sleep. How do
those people who do that survive without having a nervous breakdown?
Anything below 5 hours of sleep for me is totally out. Congrats to those
that live like that.Honestly. 3 hours and for what, a year of study and
working? You own the world truly.

Now at least l get to do one of the most interesting things in the
world...write what l want. I feel the air of freedom.I feel so
liberated. This morning l was thinking about it and couldn't help but
thank God for whoever thought of the idea of blogging. Oh Please!!
Editors are good. They keep you grounded. But half the time they are
chopping away at your work and sometimes making it into them. Suddenly,
you are checking out your article in the magazine or newspaper and it
has no resemblance to what you had in the first place. Power to the
bloggers of the net.

Editors, its nice to have a world that you exist.
You have taught me to appreciate the blogging world more.