Thursday, August 04, 2005


Voila!! Yeebo!!

I once heard that when you confess something you begin to believe it. Now l know what they didn't add, that after you believe it you beigin to live it. That my dear is what my life was until a few days ago.

I have been sourcing for funds to go to school . My first assignment is actually due this month but l will hand it over in a three weeks time. But that is not the twist.

You see for a long time l never looked at what l had in my hands. That is my income. I kept thinking it is too little to pay for school. I wanted to eat this school elephant all at once. Well, this week l actually got an idea how l could eat this elephant piece by piece without chocking.

Surprise surprise l can actually pay for my MA. Shock on me. I have learned that when you complain you actually don't see the blessing. It becomes all mixed up so that your blessing is trampled upon.

Did l tell you l love life? And that l love the way God just puts stuff in our way and knocks us to our senses to see His blessings? My blessing was all the while right in front of me and yet l could not see it. Irony. I love life.

I celebrate the survivors of Hiroshima bombing

This morning l was warmed up as l was preparing to leave for work.I was watching a few pieces on the Hiroshima bombing.

As l spare a moment to think about those that died and how they died, I want to celebrate the survivors of The Hiroshima bombing. I celebrate them because it took them mountainous courage to just go on.

I thank God that they found the strength and desire to live. Reason being half the time when you lose all your family, most of us don't have the energy to live on. What for? Is usually the question. But when l listen and see the survivors 60 years on, l get encouraged knowing that God has given the human spirit a resilience only He can explain.


The first time l heard of Dr Garang's death, l was numb. First l thought that the Sky presenter had just missed out something. Then when l went on to CNN and other leading stations, the message was clear.

Numbness was followed by pain that cannot be explained. Since then l have written a poem in his honor. The poem though is directed to God. Of course it opens my confusion and pain to the world but mostly it is to God.

I work out at hotel that has one of the best instructors in town. On my way there l often meet Sudanese waiting to get into meetings.Yesterday was sad. I met this Sudanese just outside the hotel. The look on his face was unnerving. It felt like that of an orphan.

I don't know why l feel so sad but l am. I just can't explain the feeling. This was not just anyone, this was someone who exhibited African leadership at its best.

And oh!! did l say l totally think the wife is diplomatic plus ambassadorial material? She is totally something else. When l look at her l know why my African hero was that competent.