Thursday, December 16, 2004


This morning l learnt a critical lesson while walking to work. Oh by the way, l walk because l choose to. I could get into some public transport but seeing that l don't mind losing afew pounds and staying healthy- walking is just an added blessing. Back to today-walking in the morning. Yesterday l saw a guy go past me like a jet. Today he did the same thing. He got me thinking about comfort zones. If you saw what l saw, then you would know that this man was actually like flying. He was just walking and you could see he was putting some serious thought into it. His arms were moving so fast you would think he was in a walkathlon.

Anyways, he got me thinking about some lesson l learnt about comfort zones. These zones are places you have decided are your limits,Reasons you have given for not doing what you know you ought to do. So l applied that thought today while l was walking to work. I pushed my speed up and couldn't believe the pace l was walking at. Its true. When you tell yourself that this is only how far you can go, then that becomes your comfort zone. You limit yourself until you are willing enough to change your mindset and embrace the reality of change.Once you embrace it, uncomfortable though it maybe, you will welcome it. I am seriously learning that it is all about what you tell yourself. I know because l live it. Most people l know read motivational books or articles with suspicion. Its good to view information with some degree of skepticism. But don't let it get into the way of someone helping you with their experience.Talking about your experience.

Now that you are not getting anticipated results in your goals, have you checked out what your weakest link is? No? I thought so.Identifying your weakest link as you try to reach your goals will help you eliminate what causes rise to it. Our weakest links throw us back to our comfort zones.

The other day l was listening to some guy get interviewed on TV about some weak link in his implementation of some idea, that seemed to have slidden into chaos despite a spirited start. As l sat listening l wondered out aloud,"What is my weakest link when it comes to writing my e-products?" And you know being alone in the house honesty seems natural.So l pointed to the telly and said,"Baby you are my weakest link." I like watching news and all that. But l also love comedy and drama seeing that l am an actress and a trained one at that. The telly though, instead of being a good friend, is what hampers me. Or do l allow it to hamper me? I think the latter is correct.

I am now consciously working on that. How? you ask. By watching what l term as crucial to my development.Its working slowly but surely.

At the end of the day when we lie in bed lets find out what our weakest links are. That alone could jump-start our sometimes tired but critical walk to achieving our goals.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Keeping your word takes work which is effort that we don't want to put in sometimes.

I am beginning to realize this in reality. My desk.... you should see it. I have all these projects l am trying to finish before we close the office. So entering some thought into my blog is actually a sacrifice. But l am now living a reality. Dreams will be just that if we don't begin to pay the price of living them out.

Talking about dreams. Our Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai has done all Kenyans proud. Not only us but the whole world and especially the girl child. This dynamic woman has put her money where her mouth is.Literally. She has walked the talk. And now as she sits in the presence of royalty and indeed celebrities and everyone wanting a piece of her, l am reminded of what the queen of talk show Oprah Winfrey once said;

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo,but what you want is someone who will take the  bus when the limo breaks down."

How true.

When you are trying to make a dream translate into reality it is truly trying. Ask me, l know. I am trying to write a paper hoping to get it published in January. The research is not so interesting. The reading and documenting discussions is tough. But that is the price that has to be paid. Honorable Wangari paid a higher one to get to where she is at now. It would be purdent to remember the old saying, No pain, No gain every time we want to get the best yet with short cuts. I am remembering that every moment l live on.