Monday, April 25, 2005

Another level baby

Lets take this to another level.

I have been thinking about a comment someone made the other day as we were having one of our heart to heart conversations. About what?:-) Men, what else. Okay so now, l tell my friend that there's this jamaa l truly like and that he has qualities that any babe would fall for. I liked him because he was truthful. What do l mean? I met him on the net. Through email specifically. Then l met him physically when he came to Nairobi. Apparently we were at a conference together in Addis. That's a story for another day.

But what l liked about this gentleman is that what he said he was, he was twice as good. I like honesty. Dishonesty is frightening to me. So you can imagine how taken l was. He was even cuter than his picture. Oh brother!! Okay am done whatevering.

But now comes the big BUT. After all is said and done, this guy says, "you know l think you are too good for me." What!!! Who ever made a statement like that?!!!!*!! I was so hgggggrrrrrhhhh!!! l just didn't know what to say.

My friend looked at me and she said.."if he thinks you are too good for him, you probably are." That just threw me off balance.I mean what the heck!!! When you just think you have landed on your feet suddenly you realize you were doing a head stand all this time.