Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Here is a topic l have been avoiding...but sometimes an acute lack of common sense goes missing from our leadership that avoiding this topic altogether is difficult.

I think this weekend’s nominations were the greatest shams on this planet. Leaders endorsing defeated candidates are disgraceful human beings. To say it politely, they are shameless. It all comes down to human beings using force and a lot of it. I am saddened by the violence that was witnessed across the country during the nomination primaries. But this violence is a sign that leaders are not listening to wanjiku.

Do you know the paradox that is Kenyan politics? The paradox is that Kenyans have witnessed a growth in democratic space and therefore have found their voices. Finding their voices has helped them learn to say what kind of leadership they want. The other side of that coin is that if they don’t like something and it is being forced down their throats, they go berserk.

This is not the Kenya where you could force any decision down the throats of docile human beings. This is a Kenya that has found its own voice. The leadership in this country should be aware of that. Something else, leaders should remember the euphoria goes both ways. This simply means that the same voters who thunder your praises when they think you are right are the same ones who will crucify you if they even think that you crossed the line.

We as Kenyans have suddenly learned to hold our leaders to their promises. So if you ask me, those who promised heaven had better be ready to deliver it together with the angels therein.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Leo hii, am tired. I just travelled from Voi this weekend and my body is just tired.So here are some thoughts.....l was thinking....that people need to learn to take a break when their bodies get tired.

I just don't get it when l see humans insisting on working while fatigued.Tired human beings are just useless.They make unbelievable mistakes.When a surgeoun has been on his feet for over 12 hours don't you think that is a tired man or woman?So why would l want someone like that operate on another human being?

When you are tired you get irritable in terms of mood.But you also become vulnerable to diseases because your immune system is compromised. A compromised immune system gives way to a sick body and what can you do with a sick body?

Next time you get fatigued and want to press on...remember all the above.A healthy individual is a more alert worker and therefore more productive.All the employers said ....AMEN

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Hey wassup...

Dreary moments.Exciting moments.Painful moments.Confusing moments.

Moments in my life.I kinda need a huge miracle.A miracle that will erase pain and stuff.The other day l heard about someone's miracle about how God financially saw them thtrough.The lady lost her money in pyramid schemes. It became very hard to exist with the remaining funds because they were practically nil. But God.I love that phrase...But God. So now an opportunity opens and she is going out to work.All the money that she lost is going to be recovered...plus more.To tell you the truth...that amazed me.

I guess for me that is really something because it is an opportunity that has come when she just needed it.That l love.So today is my day of asking Lord won't you remember me? Know that song of pass me not oh gentle saviour....?

Friday, October 19, 2007


Hey wassup.....

God is good.No not because of what He does but who He is.I guess l am saying that alot nowadays.

I have been learning one thing ...that God has alot planned for you that is good.No l am saying this with all the honesty that l can master.Everyday l am realizing that the Lord will always watch out for me no matter what it is l am doing and that He hears those little bathroom prayers that l make.The bathroom prayers are those small things that you cannot imagine He the Lord of Lords actually heard it. So when it happens, it kinda takes you by surprise.
So leo hii,l am praying that what l hope and pray for, what you pray and hope for will actually come to pass.

Those dreams that become persistent prayers of...Dear God,l wanna do this or that, l wanna build a sawa house for me and my folks, l wanna travel the world or what not ...l pray they will come true. Here's to the Lord making our dreams come true...Cheers.

Friday, October 12, 2007

He loves me inspite of me

God is good all the time.I am learning that life is going to hand me lemons but like someone said...make lemonade instead.

Have you ever gone through a loss you thought dear Lord how am l getting out of this?

Yeah,went through that not out of the woods completely but thanking God that He loves me inspite of myself.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Away but not a writin'

Oh my gosh!!!
l never thought l would be away this long.
Away not travelled only but away from posting on my blog.
Thank you so much God for the opportunity to talk about life. To tell you the truth,l really love citizen journalism. It has taken the world by storm. I hope it keeps being that way. But l know that someone has said, even the freedom of speech has its limits. How nice though to be able to say what you want how you want it.

Watch this space because loads of update coming up.

Man, but don't l love God for who He is.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Have you lost someone who is close to you yet not related to you? Have you experienced the devastation?

Well,l did a few weeks ago. We lost one of the most dedicated directors that ever served in our organization. The first reaction l had which seemed to be repetitive was that..it can't be. I was in such denial that when the photo finally hit the obituary section of the daily l was totally devastated. You see, this is not just a leader we lost. He was a great leader who was more like a father to us both professionally and personally. This man who walked the earth was totally given to God and His plans. No people...this is not a praise venture. For crying out loud, the man is gone.But truth be told,his legacy has caused all of us to wonder aloud about our kind of legacy that we are leaving behind.

How am l living my life? And when l am gone, what will those left behind say about me? Or will they forget me because l have lived a life that is not worth mentioning because of the shame l brought them? Sorry it sounds morbid but eeeeeeeeeh like l said, he was more than a leader.

You see, l keep hearing Africa needs selfless leaders. Nice and juicy as you hear it. But can we handle the loss of a leader who holds you together and literally steers you in the right direction? A paradox for me.

Just a thought....

I don't know how it happened but l just couldn't access my blog. Just when l had started to commit myself to write in this blog on a regular basis...then something like this happens?Hmmmm go figure. But am good. Faced challenges and aced them. Of course with God's help. I love it that God is awesome and that His grace is sufficient.I love it that He is Him and not me or you or another merciless human.

So today l start out again...l need to say thank you to Him for all He has continually done for me.

I guess everyday l am realizing that l need to be grateful to Him for everything He does for me no matter how small or big.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Lets discuss this...l have found out something that is propelling me to live a very satisfied life.

What would you rather have more of...money or time? Let me tell you something l have found out that is now driving me like crazy to live out my days with great purpose.

A disclaimer here before l make this statement is that ....l know money is very very important.That it helps a lot of stuff that is good happen.

But l have come to appreciate a very critical thing that l should learn how to create time. Yes baby, creating time. I used to hear you can create time to do this or that. But when you ask these same people how do you do that? They simply have no answers. If they do, it comes in a form of you having to work more days and hours.

I have created time by just paying someone to do something they are good at. Like that delivery that would take me about two hours to deliver thereby denying me time to write up my precious concept papers or discuss how to raise funds for a community that really needs help.

Did you know you can walk out today and blow off all your money and then turn around and make that same amount of money in less time because you are wiser? Okay, that's a mouthful. But you try and blow off your time. My dear, you will never recover it.It is gone.It can't be replaced. But money...money can be replaced.

But hey, l am not encouraging anyone to go out there and waste their money.Nopes. I am asking you to sit back and think through this time and money balance. Yes, you can create time by working more hours and days. Yes, you can create time by working smart. So what's your choice? Any day of the week and twice on Sunday...l had rather work smart.


Its a beautiful Saturday morning here in Nairobi, Kenya. Hmmm!! how nice to have good weather. Well, its been very cloudy and wet especially this week. So a change is as good as a rest.

I am encouraged every day to live out my dreams. I was watching a movie the other day in which Queen Latifah and LL Cool J star. Very encouraging movie even though l can't remember the name now.Yep it is Last Holiday...brother does that name escape my mind. But one thing l came away with was that we should not be afraid to reach out for our dreams. We should live every day with all the psyche in the world...remembering that you have only one life. One of the most moving scenes in that movie for me is when Latifah's character looks at herself in the mirror and is talking to her reflection...Next time don't be so afraid...travel more and it goes on and on. That right there, is what is very close to my heart. Don't be afraid things will go wrong if you start to live out your dreams. God will give you enough grace for it.

Go out and get a copy of that movie and sit down and watch it. This is the kind of movie you keep a copy for yourself because you will watch it over and over because you will definitely not get everything the first time. It has deep lessons. I am moving from a place where l just watch movies simply because they have good titles. I have made up my mind to watch movies that are motivational, movies that compel you to live a better life...a great life.

So my dear, go out and watch Last Holiday and pick up your dreams from where you left them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


One of my favorite persons in the world is in Kenya. Richard Branson
...Sir Richard Branson.I like the energy he has for this life.You know
that thing we all say...when l grow up l want to be like him or her? Me?
When l grow up l want his energy and his dare.Oh wait...l am already
grown up. So Dear God, l need his energy and his daring moves. This man
is an enigma.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Have you ever known something was right to do only you didn't know it was right to do until later when things went right?Mouthful...?I thought so.

Today and especially after the last time l wrote ...l am having a good time. Not because things have changed dramatically but because l am holding on. Faith is funny. You can't quite explain what it is you know will happen or why you hold on even when it is hopeless or tense.... But you just hold on. Funny how days, weeks, months or even years later things work out and you can't explain the happenings.

I have been getting this vibe lately that l should be good at what l do. If already good l should push to become the best in my field. In other words, become an expert in my field. It takes time and effort and money and especially in what l am doing.

But l have a feeling that l cannot explain. A feeling that soon l will say of it...l just didn't know why l needed to walk this path but God knew. Why? Because l have this witness in me that the tide is bringing in bigger things. Dear God...make it true. Make it true God.

I just know. I just can't explain it. You know, how when you have a witness to take a path (of course not destructive) that you can't quite explain why you need to take it yet you have this feeling that soon you will reap big time? I can't pin point it. I just know.I just know. I have this funny feeling that soon l will be rolling high and that God will open one of those doors that only Him opens it.

I just know. I just can't explain it.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Having a really bad day

I am having such a bad painful time and wondering if God hears or makes anything better. Ever been attacked by people you wish they just didn't? Have people who you needed to agree with you ever stabbed you in the back? It feels like hell. Ever done something right only for you to feel like it was better for you to have not done the good at all? Talk about having a very very bad day. I don't know when it is l will see the light.

Before the morning...

Wassup!!! Its truly been long. December seems to be 3000 years ago.

But am good. In the process l have grown and learned new things. I have become a better person plus made better decisions and moved on to better things. Its funny how when God is doing something in your life the devil makes your life a living hell.I have also found out that when the morning is about things just get gloomy. Totally gloomy. You even wonder...what just happened?!!!

So here l am hoping that stuff will work out for me sooner than later.