Monday, April 10, 2006


Its a feeling l cannot explain.They were my leaders and fellow citizens. So if l feel this numb, how numb do their families feel? Starting today Kenya will be in mourning.

We have lost people who fought tirelessly for their people.My heart goes out to all of their families. Most of all to Dr Bonaya Godana's family. Dr Godana rose from being a herdsboy to a serious intellectual.He fought tirelessly for pastoralists in the area he represented in parliament.This man represented more than leadership. He was a symbol of hope for his people and indeed the whole citizenry. His story is the kind that is used in motivational meetings because it is motivational.His life should be documented.

My heart goes out to all the families that have been grieved. And in the same breath l would like to thank our Honorable speaker Ole Kaparo.This is a gentleman who feels with the people.By the time you are through listening to him, you get the feeling that he means what he is saying and that it is not out of duty.He is in touch with the pulse of the Kenyan citizenry.That is nothing to take for granted in Kenya.