Friday, October 19, 2007


Hey wassup.....

God is good.No not because of what He does but who He is.I guess l am saying that alot nowadays.

I have been learning one thing ...that God has alot planned for you that is good.No l am saying this with all the honesty that l can master.Everyday l am realizing that the Lord will always watch out for me no matter what it is l am doing and that He hears those little bathroom prayers that l make.The bathroom prayers are those small things that you cannot imagine He the Lord of Lords actually heard it. So when it happens, it kinda takes you by surprise.
So leo hii,l am praying that what l hope and pray for, what you pray and hope for will actually come to pass.

Those dreams that become persistent prayers of...Dear God,l wanna do this or that, l wanna build a sawa house for me and my folks, l wanna travel the world or what not ...l pray they will come true. Here's to the Lord making our dreams come true...Cheers.