Monday, October 17, 2005


Its freezing outside. I stare outside the office window with me just bundled up in warm thoughts. At least l have a pullneck and some knee-length boots to warm my legs seeing that l have mini skirt suit on. Anyways, that's not the point.

I Like it when l see or hear a guy just make a woman feel good. And no we are not talking about what it is you are thinking about.Feeling good about herself, that's my point.

I like it when a babe's self esteem is pampered by a guy who has nothing to gain from doing that. Hmm!! Maybe this nostalgia is brought on by someone l know who does things for me and has nothing to gain. For real, this world has people who don't have to have anything in return for doing good or for being nice.And that my dear is a spirit l celebrate. It is so selfless as it is engaging.

I watched Richard and Julia in Pretty woman the other day and thought ... how nice.Yesterday l was reading when l got tired and checked out one of the channels. It had a CSI Miami episode. I loved it. Not the whole thing but just some statement the main character said at the end. He was trying to get a lady who was a hooker out of that life and so he shows up in the adult booth. Guess what he does? You can't guess in a million years. He gives her about 3 or 400 dollars. He then tells her take a break for tonight.Of course the lady is stunned when she asks what he wants and....

all he says is...l want nothing.I just need for you to take a break tonight.
The lady asks...what about tomorrow?
CSI guy says... you will make tomorrow what you want it to be.

Right there baby. That is profound.The guy walks away.Oh my!!!

I just thought that was the nicest thing l had seen someone do for another...doing for somebody something without expecting anything in return. To me, selfless love just has a hold on me and especially if it is a guy doing it for a lady.Its beautiful. Sadly, am a sucker for selfless love.


It’s dirty and ruined
Clumsy and muddied
Just yesterday it was new
This morning it was fresh
Now it looks like something from the wild
Whose smell no one will yield
Whose existence no one will believe
How did my world change?

How did l get here?
With it all my memories gone
My dreams, visions and desires
My history and breathtaking moments are gone
Everything l held dear
Forever ruined
How did my world change?

How did l get here?
My photos
Capturing my first date
Wedding day, first time l got pregnant
First time my baby walked
Capturing my first times
How did my world change?

How did l get here?
The sky’s no longer blue
The sun scorches not shines
The baby cries doesn’t laugh
Fatigue plagues me
Disappointment springs from my husband’s eyes
How did my world change?

No baby, NO!!!!
Don’t give me answers
They calmeth me not
No sense they make
Little peace they render
So allow me if you will
To find the answers on my own
To find the strength to face tomorrow
If God be there
He sure will direct me

©2005.Dedicated to all those who have lately faced storms both natural and spiritual.


Amazing, is what you are
It’s wonderful to know you
To know you as a friend
To believe with pure abandon
That you’ve got my back

We’ve come a long way
Through the hurdles
Through the scorching sun
Through the stormy wind
We’ve come full circle

Amazing, is what you are
It’s beautiful to see you nod with approval
To just know you as a friend
To believe with pure abandon
That you’ve got my back

We’ve come a long way
Thank you is all l want to say
Thank you for the warm hug when l needed one
Thank you for the knowing wink
Thank you for the laugh that you gave and give me

Tell you what

Amazing is what you are
A beautiful gift from God
That l will always embrace
A gift so treasured.

Tell you what

Amazing is what you are
So sweetie
Thank you is the very least l can say
No matter what happens between us
Thank you for being you
Thank God l have you


Amazing, is what you are.



I stand in a corner
Knowing no better
Shaking and shivering
Fearing the thunder

A thunder l only know so well
As my heart swells
Filling up with fear
As l wonder what to do next

I should know better
Because l know you love me
Because you are watching my every move

Human is what l am
With no trust when all crumbles
With all doubt when l trip
Human is what l am

I should know better by now
Because of your promises
Because you deliver like always

But human is what l am
So help me Lord, as l hear the thunder near
To believe you will deliver me
like you always do



There’s something about you that’s unique
I can’t tell you what it is
But for now l’ll tell you
What l know you know l know

I know for sure

You are gentle with every thought l share
You are sweet with every fall l encounter
You are intense with every moment l bear

I know you know l know

What’s in your eyes?
Can’t tell what it is
Looks like fondness, looks like infatuation
Maybe love
But l’ll tell you what l know you know l know

I know for sure
You are love in your every move towards me
You are love in your every word you whisper to me
Dear Jesus you are love in all you do for me

I know you know that l know for sure
You are love in every way
Dear Lord



This is me
The whole of me
As God created me… No apologies, No regrets
The whole of me is beautiful
Is tender and treasured
Makes me curious
Makes me glad
The whole of me is beautiful
My blossoming chest
My wonderful curves
The fluctuation of my moods
My menses
That’s me
No apologies, No regrets
The whole of me is beautiful
I may not understand me
But the whole of me
The whole of me is beautiful

Dedicated to the struggle to get sanitary towels to our girls here in Kenya