Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have not been here before. I have become cynical towards life, God, love among other things.I don't know when l got here.I just know l am.I need to get out of here though.I need to get to a place where l have a better outlook on life.I don't know if it is because l have been trusting God for a number of things and have waited for so long.I need to get out of this moment that is so stressful.I hear people say that someone became an overnight sensation.What crap!!! By the time those dreams come to pass, you have died a thousand deaths,lost hope and gotten back.Plus life loses its meaning.So you go back to where you started and hope that your dreams will come to pass.

I need to get back to where l dreamt big dreams and knew it would actually come to pass.How do people go through this stage and live to tell about it in a victorious session? I guess that is where my journey will start.