Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today has ended up on a high note.l guess l prayed for it in the morning.I mean when you get to listen to people like Joel Osteen, what do you expect? So today when l thought that kindness has escaped the human spirit, someone actually offers to pay for me a bill that was eating me up.Ok..that was God.

I wish as Kenyans we can find this spirit.A spirit of kindness.A spirit that transcends tribal lines. The spirit of giving selflessly and without any expectations to be given back.

Dear God give Kenyans that spirit ...l pray....

Monday, January 21, 2008


Seems like l have been quiet about our situation in Kenya.No, l have not actually been quiet.I have been blogging for some people. So here l come.

I hate it..yes l HATE it that our politicians make utterances that cause chaos and then sit pretty in their villas with all the luxuries of the world.Yes l hate it that these two men are refusing to budge.When the elephants fight it is the grass that hurts.

Today, l spoke to a friend whose father and brother died.On top of that their Kisumu home and business was looted and burnt. This business was doing well.My goodness if you hear the hate in her voice and the bitterness in her breath...you will understand how painful starting again is and this time with no father or brother. I am praying for families like this one.

So yes...l have been quiet but seething.What has come over our Kenyan politicians?
Two men are actually holding the whole 33million of us at ransom.Two men who are putting this whole country to shame.Two men whose words have now caused rifts between communities.Yet two men who if they wanted this to all come to an end would actually say so and the country would move on. Just two men. So l pray for them.Because these two men have caused us as Kenyans, untold pain.Lord have mercy on these two men.


Hey wassup world...no l didn't die.Am still here. Thank God for life.In Kenya right now you can't take life for granted. That sunset right there is treasured.
Just that my life is painful.l am wondering does anyone loose everything and rebuild again? I hear those nice stories everyday of people who lost everything and rebuilt their lives to even greater heights with God.How the hell did they do that?I lost everything but took time to realize.Now l am wondering how l will start.Everyday l am numb.I wake up at 5am and yet cannot step out of bed.I sit there wondering..Lord how do l start all over again? How does anyone start again when all you worked for has been taken away from you?The feeling of helplessness is just too much. Then comes compromise.People who offer you everything you need but at a cost.Lord have mercy on me.

This month l am doing a 21day fast for my life.I am hoping that God won't take me for a ride.I know He won't but l am totally scared coz of that thing of waiting on God.It can be tough.It is tough.

Pray for me.If you know any tricks to get me back on my feet, share them.Realistic ones that is.Hehehehe.I love God for who He is.