Tuesday, March 20, 2007


One of my favorite persons in the world is in Kenya. Richard Branson
...Sir Richard Branson.I like the energy he has for this life.You know
that thing we all say...when l grow up l want to be like him or her? Me?
When l grow up l want his energy and his dare.Oh wait...l am already
grown up. So Dear God, l need his energy and his daring moves. This man
is an enigma.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Have you ever known something was right to do only you didn't know it was right to do until later when things went right?Mouthful...?I thought so.

Today and especially after the last time l wrote ...l am having a good time. Not because things have changed dramatically but because l am holding on. Faith is funny. You can't quite explain what it is you know will happen or why you hold on even when it is hopeless or tense.... But you just hold on. Funny how days, weeks, months or even years later things work out and you can't explain the happenings.

I have been getting this vibe lately that l should be good at what l do. If already good l should push to become the best in my field. In other words, become an expert in my field. It takes time and effort and money and especially in what l am doing.

But l have a feeling that l cannot explain. A feeling that soon l will say of it...l just didn't know why l needed to walk this path but God knew. Why? Because l have this witness in me that the tide is bringing in bigger things. Dear God...make it true. Make it true God.

I just know. I just can't explain it. You know, how when you have a witness to take a path (of course not destructive) that you can't quite explain why you need to take it yet you have this feeling that soon you will reap big time? I can't pin point it. I just know.I just know. I have this funny feeling that soon l will be rolling high and that God will open one of those doors that only Him opens it.

I just know. I just can't explain it.