Monday, March 20, 2006


Drama and theatrics....those are the only words that can describe Kenya today.

First, the guys who vamiad KTN hadn't they learnt that close circuit cameras are always installed in high tech offices? Or they thought we are too backwards to afford them? They need to live in the 21st century.

Plus all this drama of who said what and who was seen where...Lord drama drama drama. My advise - sought yourselves out.But in the process of soughting yourselves out allow me to thank you for making our newspapers become like romantic novellas and lets not talk about the news especially at prime time. Kenya just became the best place to live..for real.

How do you explain an interesting story that keeps moving forward regardless of weather or whatever else? Jioni you want to check the news and just see who has said what about Anglo leasing, Goldenburg or whatever else is in motion.

Drama drama drama.Journalists all over the world should know..Kenya just became the best hub for news makers.