Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Dreams are funny.

When they happen you seem to be in a trance. Actually in disbelief that they are actually happening. But today,l thank God.I know for sure there is a God. Even though sometimes l don't see it. But there is nothing as rewarding as living your dreams or walking towards them with boldness.

I have been telling God not to allow me to live in fear of reaching out to my ultimate dreams.I want to live there- in a land where dreams are achieved whether easily or through hard work and sweat. But for sure, l am not living in a place where l am not going forward into what l believe in.It is a waste of time.

A question l keep muling over is...when all is said and done...what legacy do l want to leave behind?That has caused me to think about why l do what l do.
Why do you do what you do? What will be said during your eulogy? Hmm!!! Those are questions that got me thinking.


Okay, lets start from the top. I am pleased.Correction...very pleased with His Excellency's refusal of an addition to his salary. I don't know what drove him to that decision.It could be the thunderous noise that came from all quarters or a genuine conviction that engulfed him. Whatever it was, l thank it.This move alone has given him political mileage.

It is a move that the ministers and the rest of the crowd should follow.As it is, Kenyans are totally angry about the increaments these supposed 'public servants' seem to award themselves.

As a society, we are not stupid.We are watching. You can say all you want but during the elections we will speak and that is where it hurts most.A number of these leaders should know by now they are on their way out.The undeserved increaments among other things put you there.You can correct it by doing right by Kenyans,the very people who elected you.

So kudos to Mr President. I wish all the President's men would follow.Oh,what a change Kenya would experience.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Kuresoi has come to Nairobi.

This was not supposed to happen. No, not in this city and not in this country. The Mathare crisis should not have happened. Neither should have the Kuresoi attacks. The outright war between Mungiki and Taliban, the outlawed vigilante groups, should have been a thing of the past. This should have been settled a few years ago when the Mungiki sect got so rough on innocent populace that there was an outcry.

The repeat of violence emitted on innocent people by the Mungiki sect shows clearly that the government didn’t do its job in taking care of business. Plastic solutions are what were applied. When a problem is dealt with properly, it never rises again and if it does, it doesn’t go to this frightening level. This vigilante problem was not plucked from it’s root. Instead it was smothered.

Violence is a story until it happens to you. It is a story for those who are have not experienced it. They just can’t relate. The government of Kenya needs to be firm in it’s delivery of security in this country.

Mathare and Kuresoi are reflections of a country’s security gone bad. Where is the Minister of internal security when all this is going on? Why are we having bloodshed right in our backyards? This occurrence was predictable. In fact, it was a time bomb waiting for it’s detonator to go off. A lot of things as far as security is concerned in this country are time-bombs.

Hon. Michuki should know that this kind of insecurity only goes to prove right those giving security alerts about Kenya. No, don’t think for one minute that you can divorce the two issues. Oh, that one is a terrorist attack and the other a vigilante attack? No. Who is a terrorist? Simple…someone who causes terror. And what did those attacking our fellow Kenyans in Mathare and Kuresoi do? They spread terror. We don’t need this Mr Minister. Put your act together and do your homework. Who will believe us if we are forever running away from vigilante groups?

Monday, November 06, 2006


The other day l was in a meeting where we laughed when the speaker told us that he was being charged for extra land which seemed to increase by the hour as a result of the lake moving inwards.That was a laugh we won't be having for a long time because of global warming.

Today during the United Nations meetings l was wondering.... what are we waiting for to understand how serious global warming is? Do we need a mallet to our heads so that we can begin to scream that everyone should give this critical issue all the attention it needs?

Again,l come back to civil society.We need to hear your voices. The civil society organizations understand better about the importance of these issues of climate change and particularly global warming.Therefore, they that understand best need to scream loudest without taking a break.

We are probably seeing more of Climate Change stories because of this United Nations meeting.What about after 18th November 2006 when this meeting will be over? Will this be an issue?

Civil society together with all other interested parties need to keep up the momentum if not increase it.The media only catches on if it can pick this as being a serious issue as presented by the interested parties. Of course l won't abdicate the media from its responsibility of reporting issues that are of concern to the society. They live in this region and therefore have a responsibility of making this place better than they found it by bringing to light issues of concern.The media affects decisions whether personal or national.They therefore need to use the power of their pens.

Africa, this has to be a concerted effort from all areas.If we are to survive this and have the generations that follow us live a better life, we need to plant seeds of responsibility right now. We need to do less finger pointing and more resolving of the contentious issues and actioning what we decide at international meetings.


I am writing this from the United Nations complex in Nairobi where the COP 12 meeting on Climate Change is going on.

It is exciting that the world is continually discussing issues that concern us.But we need to move from the discussion table to the action table. It is a sad state of affair when all we do is talk and do very little about issues that pose great danger to our society.

I keep hearing know the west is the greatest emitter of Green house gases and yet it is taking very little responsibility. I also hear that... although it might be the emitter of the most green house gases, it's people suffer the least. Who suffers the most? The developing countries whose emissions are unbelievably low. So what is wrong with this picture? Other than the west needing to take responsibility, we need our African countries to give Climate Change issues the prominence they give to issues of health.

Climate Change issues might not affect us right now, or so you believe, but later this issue takes a turn for the worse. Look at our weather patterns. Look at the Budalangi floods that happen ever so often. Why can't our government connect this disaster to the changes in climate? Why do we wait to invent the light bulb in the middle of the night when it is totally dark? Why can't we anticipate these changes and do something about them before they happen?

The Hon. Kibwana is the President of this COP 12 meeting.This means that Kenya has a visible status in this meeting.But it is sad that even with this prominence, Kenya is looking bad in terms of making sure that issues of Climate Change are well represented.

The civil society need to lobby the government so that issues of climate change don't take a back seat. You know, the most dangerous thing about Climate change issues not being given precedence right now is that later we will all wish we had done something.The repercurssions will be so great and so irreversible that we will all wish that we did something when we had a chance.

Hon. Kibwana, as we sit out here and listen to you chair the meetings intelligently, can we have the same vigor and intrigue put forth to engage the government of Kenya? Or are we forever inclined to be on nature's angry receiving end? The deaths that occurred in the coast as a result of the floods were a mistake.No not of nature, but of the government of Kenya. We should have ministers and other bodies thinking ahead of schedule. For example, these floods we now face are building up to an El Nino of some sorts. Are we prepared to counter that?Or are we waiting until it is too late to do anything?

Mheshimiwa, it would be good to hear from you.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Dreams are funny especially dreams that are big.

Now, l am sitted at home in my jammies and on the net. I have really wanted this for a long time.But you see having this in Nairobi is a big dream.Sometimes not possible. But today l know what it is to work at home while in touch with the office through the net. Its interesting. I feel sawaz.Plus l know that that anything is possible if you want it to be.

The only thing is that you have to keep dreaming big. But remember the bigger the dream,the harder it gets plus the more painful it is when you hit the ground.But when you reap,you cannot compare it to anything you know.The feeling is exhilirating.

I mean what is the point of living and not living your dreams?You know, l don't want to look back later in my life and then wish l had pushed a little harder and lived my dreams even in a small way.I pray to God that someday this will be something l look at and thank Him that l fought harder.

Friday, September 22, 2006


My life has a way of throwing me onto roller coasters.

Today, l was excited about new prospects in my life. A minute later l was thinking ...okay now you really need to get it together so that your contracts are in tact.

Life is a total roller coaster right now.I guess l will figure it out as l go.Even when l don't feel it, the God factor in my life is powerful enough to keep me from falling off the edge.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


72hours had not elapsed before Kenyan leaders behaved very very badly. What's with the fist fighting?

Can't people settle their disagreements amicably?What's with the getting physical? Do these gentlemen know that they are in the public eye?

No,l am not giving you a break.Yes,l know you are human beings and therefore not perfect. But the reason l cannot give you a break is because you were very alert when you got elected to office.You were not elected in absentia neither were you absent minded.

A public office comes with it's responsibilities and therefore, expectations. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but part of the bargain is to almost be perfect.No mistakes.No sympathies when you make any errors.The public is not an extension of your bedroom or otherwise.Is this so difficult to understand?

Just a suggestion.A number of you need to either read leadership books or go for lessons on the same.It could actually keep you from behaving badly in public.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Lets start from the tippy top...Charity begins at home but for our political leaders, it begins in USA or UK.

The much celebrated United States Senator Barack Obama is a man who knows clearly that looking good starts from the home front.This man who was busy looking good abroad was looking even better back at home.Home here meaning the USA.What most of us didn't know is that while Senator Obama was here, a bill he had fought hard for together with his Oklahoma counterpart, Senator Tom Coburn, was getting passed by the Senate.

The 'Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act," is a bill that will create a Google-like search engine and database to track approximately $1 trillion in federal grants, contracts, earmarks and loans.

Senator Obama hopes that this bill will help lift the veil of secrecy in Washington adding that'... this database will help make us better legislators, reporters better journalists, and voters more active citizens.'

Now, why all the talking about the Senator? One thing is clear.He doesn't just go out there and show his sweet side while at home he is wanting in leadership.I can't say that about most of our leaders.

Funny isn't it?They go out there and look all good.But back home they are wanting in their leadership.No waheshimiwas.I am not against you travelling and fundraising or doing whatever it is you want to do out there. What l frown upon is that, you go out there and make Kenyan leadership look like it stepped out of hell, while back at home you have nothing to show in way of intelligent judgement in your decisions.No,l am not saying the leadership here has saintly rings over their heads.No.

What l am saying is that most of you have reputations that are totally wanting.You are the first guys to cause commotion,entertaining infantile behavior is your cup of tea and many other things that are shameful to mention.

As national leaders, you need to learn that charity begins at home. You need to be saints both out there and back here.That can't be emphasized more than it has.


leadership,leadership, leadership.aaahhm!!!What happened to maintaining respect and cordial relations as far as leaders are concerned?

The last time l checked we still had democratic space to say whatever it is that we wanted to. Hon. Ngilu expressed herself and for that she got some predictable tongue lashing from her counterpart Hon. Michuki.But for Hon. Ngilu it was not enough to punch back in front of a media that was clearly having a field day.She had to go out there, surrounded by women power to show this man 'who needs to have his head checked by the doctors,'who she really is.

First, l think Hon. Michuki's comments were in bad taste,very bad taste.It showed disrespect.To even mention the Kamba dance with disrespect like that was unacceptable.And no,its not because l am a kamba kivindyo.That has nothing to do with it. Muheshimiwa, that was really disrespectful to the Kamba community which l should remind you will be holding your destiny with their votes next year.

Away from a rattling Muheshimiwa, what was it with the dancing women and a marching Hon Ngilu to her counterpart's office? Okay, now supposing they would have met, fist fight? Hon. Ngilu knows better than showing up at another minister's office with loud-noisly-singing-out-of-key women.It is so down there.

Question to both of you waheshimiwas..couldn't this have been settled any different? Fighting in front of the whole country is disgusting.It could actually cost you your votes.Plus l don't think it shows a good picture of the government when you keep doing that.Kenyans want leaders who are mature enough to know which fights to pick.We have children's drama if we want them. We don't need leaders who don't understand that they are first national leaders before they are politicians.There is a distinct difference.

It is infantile thinking to flex childish muscles that don't mean squat to anyone watching and listening.

When leaders get into such fights something suffers, and that is the country's welfare. I mean, if you have spoken like Hon Michuki or run around with your girls club like Hon Ngilu, where will you get the energy to address meaningful matters of state?I mean one is busy running their mouth and getting away and the other is busy chasing.

When will this infantile behaviour stop?


I have said this before..that l write mostly in my head. This is especially true as far as this blog is concerned.l usually have all these issues in my head and l argue my case and it makes sense. Only it is me who decides if it does indeed make sense:-).

Anyways, been all over the place.I have loads of work.Finally, dreams really come true.I have two jobs.Dream jobs if l may add.You know the other day l was telling a friend of mine that sometimes we ignore what we know intuitively even though it is what we should do. I have come to believe that,it doesn't matter if l can't prove something.If l know that it will work l will go ahead and execute it. No, not anything horrible.

What l mean is, l have come to trust my gut instinct.Most of us just think it is another voice that is unreasonable.But truth be told, people who have had great breakthroughs just trusted their instinct.If you could have asked them in the dead of the night if they thought it could work out, the answer you could have come away with could have been shocking.

So shortly,l am learning how to trust that gut instinct.Of course, l weigh it. But trust me,l always run with it. As a result,l have started to feel like l am getting to where l have always thought l belong....where my dreams live.

There's no feeling like that. So can you imagine the day things just open up?!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006


Okay, l need to complain. I need to shout until l choke and my voice gets hoarse.What is wrong with this picture?

Nearly 4 years later they now come up from their little holes to say, "oh we will have water shortage because oops!!! the Sasumua dam got damaged," "when?, " "2003." 2003?!!! Where were they all this time?Why didn't they repair it when they noticed that it had gotten damaged? This is the most annoying thing to hear on the Prime News. Some smartly dressed Kenyans purporting to be experts. Experts? Which experts let things slide to this extend? Do these experts from the Nairobi Water company have performance contracts? When we are being told ...Tujivunie kuwa Wakenya.. this just dampens it.Who put these 'experts' in charge? Do they know how much water costs?

They should actually pay for the damages.And don't tell me about the system.Ati it would have taken long to get stuff running. The system is you and me. If we bog it down, it will be bogged down. A system can never be bogus. It is the so called 'experts' that are bogus thereby rendering the system bogus.The system is amorphous,remember?

Get your act together Nairobi Water Company.Don't show up wearing designer suits and give us garbage during 9 O'clock Prime News.Kenyans don't believe talk anymore.The government taught us to believe actions.They are experts at promises when they are desperately searching for the winning vote. So why should we believe words? Nairobi Water Company ...YOUR ACTIONS ARE SO LOUD WE CAN'T HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.

Monday, July 24, 2006


I called to have a meeting arranged for me to meet with Bill Gates and when l put the phone down, my colleagues laughed. Hysterically.

Up till now,l haven't figured out if it was out of spite or shock. When l asked a number of them, they said it was out of shock that l made this meeting look so trivial.Why?l wondered. Is it because of who l wanted to meet and discuss critical HIV/AIDS projects with?

Bill Gates was in Kenya. Obviously, it was silent because by the time l was calling l was 4 hours late.He had already left the country. What l don't get is the laughter.I like what Mr Gates is doing for Africa. I like what he is doing for the US and indeed the world.I like that he is out there trying to get a vaccine for this disease.That l totally love.The effort that is.

It is with such people l like to spend my time with.People who strive to make this world better than they found it. I guess some of my colleagues think l was way out of my league. But you know, l once read...How will you know that you can achieve the impossible without trying it? Someday, like l told the tour firm contact, l will get to have a meeting with Mr Bill Gates. This man is doing a great job.

Now, l wonder what if l had had a meeting with Mr Bill Gates, would it have been so funny?

Friday, July 21, 2006


I have been all over the place and l have learnt a lot in the process.

One thing stands out though.That at the end of the day it is important to be clear on what you want to achieve for your life.I know you have heard, but let me say it is not a rehearsal. Your turn on the stage will actually come to the end.You my dear will get to leave the stage to allow for another actor to get on. What will you be remembered by? If not others remembering you, what will you personally want to be remembered by?

The other day as l watched Usher dance off the troubles of the world on EATV, a thought just hit me. "Look at this kid, the other day he was a boy, now he is a man." That hits you in the pit of your stomach and especially if you haven't been doing anything of meaning with your life.

So today as l go about my life,l know that this ain't a rehearsal. No.l just didn't hear that cliche. But that statement just got reinforced,real hard.And now, it is personal.

Go on, get on stage and strust your stuff like there's no tomorrow.Today might be the only day you have.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Its interesting...The Da Vinci Code argument that is.

I am a bit concerned by the stand that the Kenyan Clergy took today on the Da Vinci Code. No, l am not agreeing with Dan Brown's book or Ron Howard's movie take on the issue. In fact, l am totally out there trying to get people to go the opposite direction as far as belief is concerned.Lets start here..the clergys' knee jerk reaction to this movie.This is a typical reaction to this movie from these clergy quarters. The clergy waited until the movie got here and then reacted.

By now, dear Kenyans, we all know we are a global village - that cannot escape your mind. Surely some clergy must have watched the reaction this movie was eliciting from the other parts of the world and predicted the same would happen here.

A number of Clergy in the US and Parts of Canada took advantage and actually addressed the contentious issues brought up in the movie.My advice? Allow your members to watch this movie. Surely, like someone said, you cannot ignore a book that has sold more than 40million copies. Neither can you stop a movie that opened in over 124,000 movie theatres around the world.There goes the global village again.

Instead, this is what l think the church should do. Research about the issues raised in the movie and allow the discussion to take place in the church.If you are too lazy to do your homework then visit Lee strobel's site and get information on it. Lee Strobel is a Christian apologetic who is a Yale educated lawyer, in case you are wondering. Lee and others make the Da Vinci Code's contentious issues so easy to comprehend. They have done their homework and have proof.

The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction.Even the agnostic documents that the author Dan Brown quotes from don't agree with what he says. It is basically 10% truth and the rest? Well you guessed it..90% fiction.The Outreach magazine points out that 7 out of 10 churches in the US are either planning to address or are addressing the contentious issues brought up in this movie.This is what the clergy in Kenya should do.

There have been claims that most Christians in Kenya are a centimetre deep in their knowledge of the Bible. Meaning? A great percentage of Christians in Kenya get swept, worried and even shaken by everything.They are not grounded in the Bible and if challenged, they would actually come up short. Right now our clergy is experiencing the chicken little state where 'the sky is falling on our heads' because of a fiction movie. What does that tell their Church members? If the father of the house hollas about something without first understanding it, the children will obviously go out and check out whatever it is that is eliciting that adverse reaction.

Trust me clergy. Do your homework. Get it right the first time so that no matter what gets thrown at you or your members no one will be experiencing knee jerk reactions.

To quote Mike Licona the director of the Apologetics Evangelism, "Christianity does stand under scrutiny." So stop with the annoying knee jerk reaction.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Its a feeling l cannot explain.They were my leaders and fellow citizens. So if l feel this numb, how numb do their families feel? Starting today Kenya will be in mourning.

We have lost people who fought tirelessly for their people.My heart goes out to all of their families. Most of all to Dr Bonaya Godana's family. Dr Godana rose from being a herdsboy to a serious intellectual.He fought tirelessly for pastoralists in the area he represented in parliament.This man represented more than leadership. He was a symbol of hope for his people and indeed the whole citizenry. His story is the kind that is used in motivational meetings because it is motivational.His life should be documented.

My heart goes out to all the families that have been grieved. And in the same breath l would like to thank our Honorable speaker Ole Kaparo.This is a gentleman who feels with the people.By the time you are through listening to him, you get the feeling that he means what he is saying and that it is not out of duty.He is in touch with the pulse of the Kenyan citizenry.That is nothing to take for granted in Kenya.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006



A life at its twilight should have smiles from memories of dreams lived.

I am learning that it is important to have dreams. But it is more critical to follow them. More important to activate them.

That activating part is the point at which l find myself tripping. I have all these grand dreams which are someone else's reality. That's how come l know they can be achieved. No, not to be as insanely shapely as Halle Berry. Nopes. Kawa dreams.But making sure that those dreams come true is another thing.

Effort 90% genius 10%.

By the end of this year l want to say it was a good one. But to make sure l say this it means all the effort in the world will need to be employed.Lord help me. This life.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Okay lets talk about this relationship thing that l totally don't get.Not totally relationship but eehhh something like that.

I go out with this jamaa. I am totally at peace with me. Man the guy is cute and moneyed. Not that l care. Hapana not uongo. Dated loaded guys only for them to be the devil's advocate a few months down the line.

so this jamaa keeps telling me about his nyumba and his white carpet and leather seats. No, not wivu. Just wondering...eehhh did you pull me out of a possibly working evening - not that l don't thank you for that- but aaahhmmm!!! did you pull me out of the office to tell me how rich you are?

Hiyo kwisha. Now there is another lot of guys l love to hate. But sweetie as it is this intense love hate relationship is my curse.For sheezy. Hebu bambua this kitendawili. Half the time l date cute jamaas. And why not, they are the ones l end up liking and eventually loving. Bite me sweetie...ooops!! But you know what l hate about cute jamaas...they know they are all that. Plus my dear, they rub it in your face....ukae ukijua.

Question...why is it so hard for a jamaa to be cute and chill with his other half like a normal person instead of being the dog his friends are? attack just that l needed to unleash. My curse.. l am choosy for real. I like handy men. I don't know why. My defense - its how l am wired. But those are the very guys l walk away from.At some point you will wish you dated a ngomongo because this jamaa will not keep his hands from anything that wears skirts.How else do you explain cute chicks with some odd looking guys? Sorry am not a looky person. l just have talk about this.

It has taken me a long time to figure it curse that is. So now l am sitting at a corner do l get out? It is a catch 22 situation for real.Get hooked up to that kind of jamaa ..get headaches forever. Don't get hooked up to that kind of jamaa and am not walking that aisle. For ukweli. So what to do what to do?

I am totally wondering if there any cute jamaas who don't stress women, who have character.

From where l am standing, cute jamaas are spoilt brats who need to be baby sat all their lives. Na mimi siwezi. Kwa hivyo jo...l need all the help in the world.


What Honorable Njoki Ndung'u said was profound. A few days ago during a TV interview she said that and l paraphrase.... 'for women to get their issues handled by people who understood them they had to vote women into parliament." I totally agree. How many times do women complain that their issues don't take centre stage in parliament yet they make up over 50% of the electoral vote?

A timely question somebody asked was ....who votes these people in? Don't the women do? And that tells you something.

For change to occur in parliament women should start believing and voting in their own. Other than the vote, business women should support their own as they go fighting for these positions. There is power in numbers.

A good percentage of small businesses in Kenya that actually support the economy are owned by women. Imagine ...what would happen if these very women decided they needed to have their issues articulated in parliament and they actually put their money where their mouths are?

No this is not feminism. It is a fact. The fewer women are in government the fewer issues that concern us will be taken seriously.Women voters need to understand that women can make good leaders if given a chance.

So no complains come 2008 and nothing is being done that makes women smile.


It might be none of my business but when l see management of conflict issues not handled well...l just butt in.Sorry!!!

What is it with the French Prime Minister Villepin? Every time we turn our TVs on he is the object of anger from French nationals. Hasn't he learned that before you make a decision you need to consult? And for heaven sake - who is advising him? Aren't they supposed to be his eyes to avoid pitfalls?

When leaders make decisions without consultations it exhibits grave miscalculations. Mistakes like this are unacceptable. An intelligent government will understand that they are expensive. Imagine the kind of damage experienced when all these unions and whoever else goes on strike and messes up property. Can you think about the thousands of burned cars that the world witnessed just a few months ago? That mess ran into millions and lets not talk about the latest ones.Plus when people don't show up at work more money is lost.

Mr Dominique- get the right people around you. People who will teach you that consultations are critical to good leadership. You don't wait until the fire has burned up the house for you to realize that the smoke was actually a sign of an impending fire.Get your act together.



I met Kemboi the other day and for real he is a humble man. When asked why he is always slowing down to encourage his fellow athletes as they come to the finishing line he said... l would rather not win alone. If that is not humility, then tell me what is? In a world where everyone fights for themselves and keeps as much for them and their families, this attitude is like a breath of fresh air....aaaahhh!!!:-)

Moving on...l think l am totally grateful to God that we as Kenyans experienced a let down in the last few international athletic events. That is, up to now. We took it for granted that we were the athletic champions and that no one could overcome us. We were so blinded by the euphoria that comes with being number one. A position that sometimes is considered a curse.

When we were busy being blinded by our own status, the world was busy studying us and trying to understand how it is we could hold athletic titles for so long. What made us this good they asked? They got to know.Ethiopia overtook us. Japan caught up. And so have others.

This lesson was a good one. When you become too good, stop and evaluate your progress with honest voices from people who aren't biased. It helps you get grounded and see the fall before it happens. I can tell you for real, Kenyans will never take athletic competitions for granted. We will never assume that its a given for our athletes to return with a bagful of medals.

Our athletes need all the support they can get and from everyone they can get it from.


Monday, March 20, 2006


Drama and theatrics....those are the only words that can describe Kenya today.

First, the guys who vamiad KTN hadn't they learnt that close circuit cameras are always installed in high tech offices? Or they thought we are too backwards to afford them? They need to live in the 21st century.

Plus all this drama of who said what and who was seen where...Lord drama drama drama. My advise - sought yourselves out.But in the process of soughting yourselves out allow me to thank you for making our newspapers become like romantic novellas and lets not talk about the news especially at prime time. Kenya just became the best place to live..for real.

How do you explain an interesting story that keeps moving forward regardless of weather or whatever else? Jioni you want to check the news and just see who has said what about Anglo leasing, Goldenburg or whatever else is in motion.

Drama drama drama.Journalists all over the world should know..Kenya just became the best hub for news makers.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


l promised myself that when l blog next, l would be doing my exercises and having a blast.I am:-)

5.30am every day l hit the road for 30 minutes. I come back home exhausted but refreshed. Did l mention after the jog l cool down for 10 long minutes? You can imagine when l get to do one hour, how long l will need to rest!!!

I have come to accept that it is very easy to give excuses. If given a chance l could fish out excuses from my coat pockets, hand bags and wherever else. But l have also come to realize that the people who make it, the people who live with no regrets, didn't make excuses part of their lives.

Isn't it nice to live a life of no regrets?!! It is so simple...lets stop making excuses for ourselves or for anyone else.


Titus Naikuni should help me understand this. What is the job of air stewards other than making a customer comfortable?

I don't know if it is me or l just want to complain. But its with great cynism and sneering that l watch Kenya Airways little PR stuff on TV trust me,l have told my friends about all these.

Do bosses know that when you actually get to the ground that is when you know what is really happening? And that you can be having all these media friendly stuff going and yet have customers complaining or frustrated?

The other day l went to Uganda. I had luggage with me. It was obviously too heavy for a mama like me. But what did the three Kenya Airways stewards do? They stood at the door with their hands folded as l pulled my bags up the stairs.These were books and knowing books - weighty is the word.I actually had to stop on every stair. Yes a few books but heavy.

I could not believe it was happening. No,l didn't expect their help but yes as a human being it is their responsibility to make customers comfortable.

So what were they doing there staring with hands folded? Doesn't courtesy extend to immediately l seem to be boarding your flight Mr Naikuni?


Is it me and my panicky self or is bird flu in Kenya? If you watched KTN on Saturday night and witnessed dead birds on trees, in the estates and some just dumped, you know what l am saying.

When birds don't have a good reason to die and then you hear its starvation or whatever other unbelievable reason being dished out, you get worried. This is an era of Bird flu. It is not those other times when kukus would drop dead and no one would pay attention. When you see an ignorant Kenyan touching a dead bird, you get chills all the way to your toes.

Officials need to carry out an awareness campaign on this Bird flu thing.If this Bird flu thing figures a way to go from human to human, it will be the catastrophe of the century. And don't tell me that Kenya is prepared.Not when we are holding dead birds bear handed on national television.

So please tell me l am not paranoid.If it was in Nigeria what makes this country different?


Like the rest of you,l have been reading the newspapers with baited breath. How did Kenyans get so corrupt?

I have total respect for the media. But sometimes like someone once said...Great blessings come with great responsibilities. So it would be nice to balance the equation here as we go after a crowd that thinks it can take us all for granted. So the writer who went looking for Hon Kiraitu's 89 year old mother should wear a mask for the next few days. You should be totally ashamed of yourself for going beyond media ethics. That mama is too old to know about Anglo leasing. Did you want to give her a heart attack or what?

Okay no digressing just l thought whoever wrote that should get a lashing. Corruption eats a nation from its head. Ever heard a fish rots from it's head? Yeah right.

Its amazing that these people actually thought they wouldn't be caught. Such audacity, such stupidity.

Well l will give it to Githongo, Sir, thank you for reading all the spy novels and watching all the spy movies. And who said technology and people embracing it won't be helpful in politics:-) Man these guys had it coming. They were actually recorded. Manze if you see a kid watching all those spy movies don't harakisha them...they might be the next Githongo. God knows we need them.

Hey technology actually brought down these folks.


Okay l know it is totally late for this comment...But being me l will write. Upende usipende.

After listening to all arguments plus reasoning that befits a mosquito and its generations...l have to say the mzungu who talked about giving our children dog food is totally absent minded if not ill informed.

Going on national TV and doing an interview that truly degraded Kenyans exhibits her lack of intelligence. Why? If she had researched on Kenyans she would have known that we are actually not apes but human beings. That we have cities that have electricity plus we are truly forward moving.Did she forget that this country has a Nobel laureate?

To think that giving us dog food is doing us a favor is to display your stupidity beyond words. I don't even think that whatever she suggested has a word in the English dictionary. Her actions are better explained in the Kamba dictionary:-) Some words said in mother tongue sound better and hit the nail right on its head.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Last saturday l went to a funeral. Not new ha?!!!

To me this was a funeral with a twist. Everyone who came to speak about my friend just said the same thing..she was joyful, added color to people's lives, loved her family and God dearly. After the funeral l went home thinking what legacy l will leave once l am gone. This question has caused me to look at life differently.

Funny isn't it, we look at life from a serious angle when we lose someone we love.
But have you ever had a moment, as the noisy sounds of the city seek to drown our inner voices, to just sit and evaluate what kind of legacy you will be leaving behind?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Is it me or is there somebody who goes through this once in a while?

I am really beginning to realize that everything we do takes effort. And that no matter what you plan, without effort, life will stop to mean anything.

Okay confession time. I started to go out to jog in the morning at 5.30am. Oh it was serene. I would jog for 30minutes and go home take a cold shower and dress up for work. By the time l got to work,l would be feeling totally great about myself.

Then l slowed down because l as l always say, reasons can come from anywhere, if given a chance. l kept thinking oops l am getting late for work.Actually l wasn't. Just that l needed to be in the office one hour earlier but it had gotten reduced to half an hour after l started to go out jogging.

Now sitting back even as l andika this message, l don't seem to even make sense to myself.So l have been asking myself lately ...what is wrong with me? Now l know ...ain't nothing wrong. I just got lazy and excused myself with a bunch of reasons.

When l next write here,l will tell you that l am doing well. And that l started to jog in the morning.Hmm!! Dear Lord have mercy on all of us.


I am going through a sad period in my life. In a span of two weeks l have lost a not-so-close a cousin and a dear friend of mine. One of them is already buried and other not yet.

I sit back and think about these two lives. One was celebrated and the other died feeling alone and condemned.One of these knew that she was loved, appreciated and thought of. The other died bitter. His family contributed to the bitterness. Yet his eulogy read like glory itself.

As l think about these two lives l am mesmerized at just how appreciating people can truly make the difference.Why, l keep wondering, do we wait until someone is dead for us to eulogize them with such glowing intensity yet when they were alive we made their lives so difficult? Why can't we let them know they are appreciated and loved and that you often think about them? And if you don't have anything nice to say about them when they are alive, don't practice hypocrisy 101 during a funeral. You know, the university offering the degrees on hypocrisy should be closed and its keys thrown into Lake Victoria or better still, the chilly Atlantic? Because it makes 99% of us live hypocritically.

Don't wait until someone is dead for you to appreciate them. Janet's song ...You don't know what you've got till it's gone is truly appropriate right about now.

Monday, February 06, 2006


This l found truly inspiring and interesting.Read on and get encouraged.Josh hinds has very good stuff on his

How To Enter A New World

During my presentations, I often pose this question to the audience: "Over the course of your life, how many of you went from having a relatively low level of self-esteem to having a much higher level of self-esteem?" In a group of 100 people, about 10 people will raise their hands.

I then ask those 10 people, "When you changed your feelings about yourself, how many of you found that you attracted very different people and very different circumstances into your life?" Inevitably, all 10 hands go up.

When I invite them to explain what happened after they increased their feelings of self-worth, they tell remarkable, inspiring stories about the positive changes in
their lives.

Some will explain how they advanced in their careers. Others will proudly describe how their relationships improved or they met a wonderful person who they later married.
Listening to their stories, you'd think that these people were dropped into a new world, one they never inhabited before.

Before I continue, a definition of self-esteem would seem helpful. A simple definition is that self-esteem is the degree to which you like and value yourself. One of the best definitions I've seen was offered by Nathaniel Branden,
author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem.

He defines self-esteem as "the disposition to experience oneself as competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and as worthy of happiness."

Let's get back to the stories told by my audience members.
What explains the changes that take place in their lives?
What we're seeing is the Law of Attraction at work, or the principle that "like attracts like."

You attract into your life what you habitually dwell upon and what you feel you deserve. Your inner thoughts and feelings are projected outward and, like a magnet, you attract conditions that are in accord with those thoughts and feelings.

Now, I'll admit that I can't show you a movie demonstrating how the Law of Attraction operates. It isn't visible to the eye. It's working "behind the scenes" but it is very real nevertheless.

Here's an analogy that may help to explain this principle - the stations on your radio. Assume there are 10 radio stations that you can tune into. Stations 1-3 are for those with low self-esteem; Stations 4-6 are for those with self- esteem in the middle range; and Stations 7-10 are reserved for those who feel good about themselves.

This is an oversimplification, to be sure, but stay with me. Let's assume further that your life is "playing" on Station 5. Your self-esteem is in the middle range. You'll find that the vast majority of the people you attract are on Stations
4-6. Thus, you're interacting with people who are on a similar "frequency."

Occasionally, you will encounter some people from other stations. However, you will not feel comfortable spendingmuch time with those on Station 2 - nor will you feel that you fit in with those on Station 8.

It all comes down to what you think you deserve. You then attract the people and circumstances to confirm your feelings of self-worth.

The choice of who to attract is made below the surface - at the level of the subconscious mind. Consciously, nobody says"I want to attract people who will not treat me well or who won't appreciate me."

However, at the subconscious level, they feel this is what they deserve. These feelings and beliefs are often formed in childhood. Often we re-create the relationships our parents experienced.

Think about your intimate relationships throughout your life. Think about your relationships at work. Do you see any similarities with the relationships your parents experienced in their lives?

The example of your parents can be deeply embedded within your mind, whether you realize it or not. It's true that some people will create relationships and experiences that are the opposite of their parents, but this is more the exception.

Moving Forward

The concept of entering a new world and reaching the next level is not limited to those who feel they have low or mediocre self-esteem. It is also available to those with high self-esteem. After all, you can always develop a higher level of self-esteem and when you do, the circumstances in your life will improve dramatically. It just gets better and better!

How can you raise your level of self-esteem so you can take advantage of the Law of Attraction? Here are some techniques you might find helpful:

* Take responsibility for the people and circumstances you have attracted thus far. If you continue to believe that forces outside of you are responsible for your relationships and your circumstances, you'll remain stuck.

Once you accept that YOU are the cause of your present situation, you'll make different choices moving forward, which will attract new people and new conditions.

* Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Self-esteem is not developed by simply standing in front of a mirror and saying "I love myself." As Nathaniel Branden's definition suggests, there is an element of competency to self-esteem. You must engage life and feel capable.

When you sit on the sidelines and refuse to explore the limits of your potential, you feel stifled. You know there is more you can experience in life, and yet you're backing away. This lowers your self-esteem.

Jump start your self-esteem by challenging yourself to move beyond the familiar. Learn a new skill. Take a public speaking class. Apply for a position in your organization that you've always wanted but were afraid to pursue. It doesn't matter whether you're successful. You will raise your self-esteem immediately by "getting in the game."

* Change your vocabulary. You can't have high self-esteem when you continually put yourself down. What you say about yourself matters ... as does what you allow others to say about you.

For instance, from now on, whenever someone pays you a compliment, respond by saying "Thank you." If you reject the compliment, as many people do - "oh, it was nothing," they say - you're telling yourself that you don't deserve the
praise and you'll attract people to confirm your low feelings of self-worth.

* Respect yourself. Until you respect yourself, nobody else will respect you. Thus, when someone makes a verbally abusive comment to you or puts you down, make it clear that you won't accept that kind of language. You don't have to argue or prove that the other person is "wrong."

As you show more and more respect for yourself, you will find that you don't attract abusive people into your life anymore. You're operating on a higher "frequency" and you now attract others who will value you instead of criticizing you. It's the Law of Attraction at work!

We're all human magnets, and our thoughts and feelings attract certain people and circumstances into our lives. As you value yourself more, you'll enter a new world of
possibility. Exciting times lie ahead!

-- Jeff Keller
(c) Attitude is Everything, Inc.
Jeff Keller is a motivational speaker and author of the
best-selling book, Attitude is Everything. He's also
released a fabulous audio program called "Success from Soup
to Nuts" at
-- For more information about his motivational presentations
and resources, go to


Monday, January 23, 2006


I have not been here for long. I am officially a tired girl. I have been running all over making sure that some contract actually works.

Now here is a lesson l have learned. This l knew but kept thinking hmmm!!it should be practical some day. I have learned that it is important, actually crucial, to perform at a level of excellence.

When we are asked to do something how do we do it? Well l learned. With God's help l went beyond the call of duty. As a result a huge huge contract got transfered to our office. I am talking huge. I have also learned that doing your best is not enough. It is doing your best plus plus.Delivering beyond expectations is something that should not be negotiable.

When you deliver beyond expectation it might not get noticed immediately but soon it will. I always say you had better be prepared because you never know when preparation will meet opportunity.We always miss opportunity because we are not prepared. No matter what you do, keep excellence as a friend. Let excellence be the monitor by which you measure yourself.

This l know for sure...Never underestimate preparation meeting opportunity. I tell you, it becomes like a great explosion which no one can ignore.And it totally pays,no matter how long it takes.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I don't want to want it so bad that l will cheat, lie and scheme to get it.

Okay back up right there.Ni nini?

Okay l am talking about this Korean scientist who lied about the cloning stuff.
I believe the world watched in horror as he said all that he needed to confess. Some of those around him were even crying.I don't know if it was in disbelief, dissapointment or the feeling of being let down.

But as l watched that piece l just kept having a nagging question that refused and refuses to give way... why is it we want something so bad that we lie to get it? Why is it that an athlete wants the medal so bad that he takes enhancement drugs? Baby you want it so bad you lie, cheat, scheme and do whatever else to just get it.

aaaahmmm!! lets make something clear. I am not a saint. I have my chaotic side as do all of you. But l am at a place where l have decided and told God to help me not to want anything so bad that l have to lie to get it.

My question is ...don't you ever think you will get caught? Maybe you don't care about being caught. But Lord where did our morals go? Where did our consciences go?

Do you want it that bad that you will lie, cheat and scheme to get it? Mimi a Kenyan l need to be enlightened. Kwani nini?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I am trying to finance an addiction l have. I need you to help me.

The addiction is reading books and business mags. I am actually trying to figure if l am reading or buying books because it gives me a high or its a need. I just have this need for information. I just don't know where it came from.

Flashback kidogo...l used to read 2 or 3 books a day when l was in primary school. The Hardy boys, Nancy Drews, Mills and Boons and zingine nyingi. If l borrowed your new novel and you said no, you needed to guard it with your heart. Otherwise by the time you went home, you would not have it. Plus you would out rightly know l had it. But l had to read it anyways. On top of which, l would surely return it the next day. I didn't know that this habit would get to this.

Sometime back,I read 3 or 4 magazines that mentioned the book Emotional Intelligence. I mean some 2 Harvard Professors had quoted it, plus a Fortune mag l was reading plus some other books l had bought. Shortly, l had to get that book. Do you know, l had to go to three bookshops before l found it. Meanwhile some executive was waiting for me because l was like 15 minutes late. But maaaaaan!! my addiction had to get watered.No l didn't keep the executive in the dark. I called and asked for a few extra minutes.

Now this addiction is going to chaotic places. I get reading bouts once or twice every week. How else can l explain them. Sometimes l just get this urge to know. I get all my latest books and read them - underlining, bouncing the ideas in my head as l analyze them aloud. These reading bouts can go anywhere from 5 to 8 hours in a night. No, no, no l am not reading for exams. I am reading just so that l know.

I get satisfied just having read 3 chapters of a challenging author's book. I get such an adrenaline rush when l buy a book l have been looking forward to read. It doesn't matter how expensive the book is, l will get it and l will seek to understand it. I know this sounds so bad. But this is what my life is.

Okay now, l have to figure how to finance my reading addiction because baby,l ain't getting off this train.



Hmm!! Today is the first day of work. Manze nimechoka you'd think l was in a shamba limaing. My holiday was a real holiday. I slept loads, bought books and read them, watched tv, slept and then read some more. What more would you want from a holiday?!! So trust me when l say fatigue is written all over my face.

Happy New year to y'all who set goals in January. I am actually reviewing my life. And no, that didn't start on the 1st. It started in September when l celebrated my birthday. Yes, my year starts then not in January. So by the time guys are getting excited and are setting their goals and promising to keep their end of bargain, mimi, either nishaboeka or am in full gear.

I am beginning to be very cautious about this life. I am at a place in my life where l know success does not come overnight; where you will not excite me with get-rich-quick schemes(for y'all who send me those:-) ) Have l given up? Actually no. I have this relationship with life that makes for a romantic read.

I have all these ideas l am working on. Right now, l am almost debt free. I have paid up quite a number of debts l had. Eeeh!!No l didn't win the lottery. I just realized to get a head l need to have good debt, not debt that is meaningless. If l have to use my credit card l need a sawa reason to use it. If l need a loan l need a good reason to actually get one. No my dear, my life is not strict.

In fact, l think l am very lenient with me. I walk into bookshops and hug like 5 books. I end up leaving about 5 or 6k of my money with the smiling attendant. I love reading and especially books that challenge me to greater heights of thinking. I like books that stretch me.

Do you know books that stretch? Okay here...those books that you have to read one sentence 5 times to just understand what the guy is trying to sema. Why bother? You wonder. Baby,l loves the challenge. So l ask, why not bother?

That stretching of mind l experienced it when l first started reading Havard Business Review and Fortune. Men!! l'd read a sentence till my head just went giddy. Now however, something bad happened. I am an addict to these mags. Of course and others including National Geographic.

Okay this year l am not kicking these habits. Instead l have to find a way to finance my reading addiction.Actually l have been trying to finance this habit since September.

So to y'all who set goals in this new year, l hope you stick with them mpaka mwisho.