Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I am going through a sad period in my life. In a span of two weeks l have lost a not-so-close a cousin and a dear friend of mine. One of them is already buried and other not yet.

I sit back and think about these two lives. One was celebrated and the other died feeling alone and condemned.One of these knew that she was loved, appreciated and thought of. The other died bitter. His family contributed to the bitterness. Yet his eulogy read like glory itself.

As l think about these two lives l am mesmerized at just how appreciating people can truly make the difference.Why, l keep wondering, do we wait until someone is dead for us to eulogize them with such glowing intensity yet when they were alive we made their lives so difficult? Why can't we let them know they are appreciated and loved and that you often think about them? And if you don't have anything nice to say about them when they are alive, don't practice hypocrisy 101 during a funeral. You know, the university offering the degrees on hypocrisy should be closed and its keys thrown into Lake Victoria or better still, the chilly Atlantic? Because it makes 99% of us live hypocritically.

Don't wait until someone is dead for you to appreciate them. Janet's song ...You don't know what you've got till it's gone is truly appropriate right about now.

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Guessaurus said...

So sorry about your loss.
I agree totally, people just do the hypocrisy thing for show, they dont really care. So sad about your friend feeling neglected in their last days, that is death itself.

I always questioned the same thing when people who couldnt even feed themselves are/were buried with an expensive coffin and new shoes and suits and watches and stuff, they dont need it where they are going, why did you not give thatwhen they were alive.

We leave life too late and appreciate it only when there is a deadline, or worse still when it has passed.

Hope you stay strong...