Monday, August 15, 2005



Sighs they are
Life just gave me a kick
no not a bad one
a reality one

Dreams!! Dreams!! Dreams!!
they tell you they can happen
they tell you if you are committed
if you are determined
if you are persistent
focussed, unwavering and strong hearted
there's something they don't tell you though

They don't tell you
it could get painful
it could get ugly
hurtful, remorseful and tear jerking
they just don't tell you
of the wounds you might get
of the rotten attitudes you may have to deal with
of the paining heart you may have to carry around
they just don't tell you

The horizon
has promise
is bright
My hand outstretched
And l still cannot get to it
What will l do
my hand is tired
my spirit fatigued
how will l get to the horizon
they just didn't tell me how to get to the horizon

Pray thee, What will l do?
They didn't tell me
Do you know?

copyright kamundulio 2005