Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Dreams are funny.

When they happen you seem to be in a trance. Actually in disbelief that they are actually happening. But today,l thank God.I know for sure there is a God. Even though sometimes l don't see it. But there is nothing as rewarding as living your dreams or walking towards them with boldness.

I have been telling God not to allow me to live in fear of reaching out to my ultimate dreams.I want to live there- in a land where dreams are achieved whether easily or through hard work and sweat. But for sure, l am not living in a place where l am not going forward into what l believe in.It is a waste of time.

A question l keep muling over is...when all is said and done...what legacy do l want to leave behind?That has caused me to think about why l do what l do.
Why do you do what you do? What will be said during your eulogy? Hmm!!! Those are questions that got me thinking.


Okay, lets start from the top. I am pleased.Correction...very pleased with His Excellency's refusal of an addition to his salary. I don't know what drove him to that decision.It could be the thunderous noise that came from all quarters or a genuine conviction that engulfed him. Whatever it was, l thank it.This move alone has given him political mileage.

It is a move that the ministers and the rest of the crowd should follow.As it is, Kenyans are totally angry about the increaments these supposed 'public servants' seem to award themselves.

As a society, we are not stupid.We are watching. You can say all you want but during the elections we will speak and that is where it hurts most.A number of these leaders should know by now they are on their way out.The undeserved increaments among other things put you there.You can correct it by doing right by Kenyans,the very people who elected you.

So kudos to Mr President. I wish all the President's men would follow.Oh,what a change Kenya would experience.