Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Thank God for all His mercies. Yes sweets...l got me a its more like..God got me a job and
that is humbling. There's nothing l did to deserve this. Good salo and benefits. No nothing l did to deserve this. I keep hearing people saying that l prayed and fasted and twisted and what not. Trust me...this l know for sure..God decided it was time for me to have this job. I thank Him for this opportunity. I tell you l have never been this grateful for something.
I have never wanted something this bad and then felt so helpless when it delayed. I have never learned my patience lesson..that is up till now. So l cannot take any credit for this. Believe me when l say..l didn't do anything to deserve it. I guess it was God's timing that totally humbles me.
I whined, cried, begged, shouted, threw 3000 tantrums and then calmed down. When l was already very calm and l mean like still waters only then did l see something that appeared to be a mirage of what l desired. This time it was a mirage that became the true oasis.
My sister said was worth the wait. Yes it was.
Have you ever waited for something that was promised and no one was telling you no...just wait? Have you ever waited and wanted to pull the hairs out of your head or even went ahead and knocked your head on the wall? Now have you ever waited until all you could do is busy yourself until you got so tired then you slumped and slept and waited some? Baby call me when you do coz l have been there..done that, bought a didn't fit. Call me when that happens coz you will sure have a story to tell.
Patience is crazy for some of us. The only way God can teach some of us is through these experiences.Now when l say to you in a tough moment that this too shall pass...l know that this too shall indeed pass....