Friday, January 07, 2005


This column excites me. I mean my blog. Hmm!! l already called it a column. You never know, l could get a column to do soon. Of course that is what l want to happen. Enough about columns. Back to why this column excites me.

It does because  it challenges my commitment. Sometimes l think to myself, hey why keep up? 'No one is reading' That's exactly where we lose focus when it comes to making it happen. When l don't blog l know l am doing myself in. I know for sure that if l cannot do it consistently l won't have the edge that  a columnist has when it comes to writing consistently whether you are in the mood or not. And again, this is one thing that gives me inner peace-writing, that is. I can't say what l feel when l sit to write. Its like l am flying in the air. Of course assuming l am a bird. But anyways, it keeps me looking deeper inside my soul.

Lately l have been thinking about the doing part of our goals. Have you noticed how easy it is to talk about what we are going to do than actually doing it? We talk about it and even have meetings about it. Yet, We don't do anything. Meanwhile, my dear, time is running. Another year has begun. Believe it or not , it will soon be over.

They advice that when you are doing a strategic plan it is good to look at a five year stretch. Know why? I haven't figured it out yet. But l can guess it is because you will see substantial results of your life by then. If l asked you today..Five years from now where do you want to be? You will either give a stunned answer of..... that is very far OR you will begin to tell me what you want in fantasy style OR you will go ahead and tell me what you want and how you plan to get there.

To tell you the truth, most of us think 5 years from now is a long time coming. Ask me, l know. I used to think that, 5 years ago, and then went ahead and made fantasy plans that were followed by no backing action at all. All in the name of a wish list. Wishing is good it keeps you healthy and young. But if wishing is all you do, we both know you will do that for ever.

I have therefore concluded that you are safer writing what you need and beginning to work on it. My motivation is actually not that it is a new year's resolution. My motivation is to be financially free in ten years if possible and God willing. I know l sound crazy but l am placing all the financial education l am getting from RICH DAD POOR DAD series into action.

Like l always say, l love to read and to action what l learn. His advice is sensible because he doesn't give you unrealistic thoughts that lead to daydreaming with no action. I can't afford to take another day as a lazy day or just any other day. Everyday is a gift from God for me to be able to reach my goals especially financial freedom.

I don't want to have to work when l am 50. No dear God have mercy on me NO!!! It is tiring and very hopelessly discouraging. Sorry if you still have to. But l know you are thinking.... She has no idea what she is talking about!!! You see l do know what l am talking about. And l do know that it is possible to attain financial freedom and to eat of the good of God's land. And this is not brainwashed thinking. Because l am beginning to see how those that have practiced it are living.

Now l am actioning it. Not talking about it. And that my dear friend, is the hardest part. So you will be hearing more of how l goofed or got victory about some stuff l am implementing. Trust me, life just begun and from my end, it gets exciting than this, l will be living in Heaven on Earth.


A happy 2005 to all ya who enjoy reading uplifting messages.

The last two weeks (Christmas Holidays) have been spent in a very interesting manner. I have had more visitors come visit me more than
ever. And l have rested my weary bones longer than ever. I am glad l did. Why? Because l feel rejuvenated. I am ready to go now and
make a better life.

But actually you know what? My resolutions were made four months ago. My year begins then not on the first of January.I know l sound
like those people who celebrate a new year in the middle of our year and we go like oops!! how did that happen? Well l'll tell you.

September is a special month for me because it's my birthday month. So you can understand why it is a sentimental month for me.
Needless to say, l have decided that this year, l want to be of an encourager than a discourager. I want to say less of negative stuff to
those around me. This decision was made four months ago. I am neither doing well nor bad. Just there. But l don't want to be in the

The other day l met a friend of mine who l had wanted to meet for a long time. But after that meeting, my dear life felt like it had been
sucked out of me. She had successfully managed to reduce me to a losing spectator. I felt as though l had never accomplished
anything in my life.Then l went home and did some soul searching. I realized that many times l have done the same to others around. I
have made them feel like they mattered less, did nothing with their lives and everything that goes with putting others down. Well that
was a wake up call.

When someone else mirrors you, it calls for a reality check. Even when someone does
mirror you, it takes a lot of courage to just admit what is true to yourself.

I touch base with me and God at the end of the day, so l know when l am goofing. And sometimes it seems that l am goofing more
often than not. But who said Rome was built in one day? It is with this realization that l am approaching every little thing l am doing,
every habit l consider banish able and all that l want to change in this year of 2005.

Have yourself a blessed new year:-)