Friday, January 07, 2005


A happy 2005 to all ya who enjoy reading uplifting messages.

The last two weeks (Christmas Holidays) have been spent in a very interesting manner. I have had more visitors come visit me more than
ever. And l have rested my weary bones longer than ever. I am glad l did. Why? Because l feel rejuvenated. I am ready to go now and
make a better life.

But actually you know what? My resolutions were made four months ago. My year begins then not on the first of January.I know l sound
like those people who celebrate a new year in the middle of our year and we go like oops!! how did that happen? Well l'll tell you.

September is a special month for me because it's my birthday month. So you can understand why it is a sentimental month for me.
Needless to say, l have decided that this year, l want to be of an encourager than a discourager. I want to say less of negative stuff to
those around me. This decision was made four months ago. I am neither doing well nor bad. Just there. But l don't want to be in the

The other day l met a friend of mine who l had wanted to meet for a long time. But after that meeting, my dear life felt like it had been
sucked out of me. She had successfully managed to reduce me to a losing spectator. I felt as though l had never accomplished
anything in my life.Then l went home and did some soul searching. I realized that many times l have done the same to others around. I
have made them feel like they mattered less, did nothing with their lives and everything that goes with putting others down. Well that
was a wake up call.

When someone else mirrors you, it calls for a reality check. Even when someone does
mirror you, it takes a lot of courage to just admit what is true to yourself.

I touch base with me and God at the end of the day, so l know when l am goofing. And sometimes it seems that l am goofing more
often than not. But who said Rome was built in one day? It is with this realization that l am approaching every little thing l am doing,
every habit l consider banish able and all that l want to change in this year of 2005.

Have yourself a blessed new year:-)