Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Okay l was bound to talk about this. So lets just do a brief.

First, everything l write has to do with achieving dreams. Kenya's referendum is what l am talking about. I watched with a lot of interest these beloved politicians promise to do a round of rallies. Others just didn't put their moneys where their mouths were. It is one thing to say you will do something, it is totally another to be out there and doing it.Big difference, my dear, big difference.

Another thing l have a problem with is the fact that these leaders feel obligated to choose for me what l want to say in the referendum. They seem to forget that l have a mind of my own and that l need to make the decision for me and my future children. What is wrong with this picture?

And then those that feel they are being boxed into a corner for not doing their homework go off looking cheap by threatening others.What the*?!! And then the name calling plus shameful tactics of dictatorial leanings. SHAME ON YOU KENYAN POLITICIANS. NYINYI WOTE WA YES NA NO. You cheapen Kenyan patriotism. This is a time l am so ashamed to be a Kenyan. You look like kids fighting in the estate's car park. Wengine wameenda kuita daddy. Wengine wanapiga wengine ngoto. Kwani you don't have someone to help you sort this mess out.Shameless you all are.

You guys are giving us the different versions of the constitution. There is a constitution according to the yes camp and then there is one according to the no camp. Then there is the one that we are going to the referendum about. Kenyans like me who have read the constitution are watching in horror as it gets modified by the minute. Loudly, publicly and with no thread of shame.Half of these politicians are totally lying in broad daylight.

True there are contentious issues that need sorting out. But don't go exagerrating them to a point where wanjiku cannot make up her mind as she votes. My guess is that some of the confused Kenyans who will deem this constitution too large to go through will actually sit back and watch the others vote. Why? These versions are confusing. When you listen to the different camps you will actually be forgiven to think we have 3 draft constitutions... their versions are unbelievable.

And when you are fighting like this, who makes you think wanjiku will trust you?


Now, at the risk of sounding like the FEMA guys who arrived late plus plus... my prayers have been with those that were affected by Katrina. Really. It doesn't mean just because l didn't say it l didn't think about it. I actually prayed for all those people plus the kids who l saw on missing kids.

It is a sad state of affairs. So my dear l will not go into the politics of who came when and who should have done what. But one thing l have learned is that it is safer to do the right thing first time round than try making it right after you have goofed. It is costly and time wasting. Plus all issues that concern life and death are emotive so no common sense is being applied. Respect is abandoned at the altar of bitterness and all we are left with after the drama and all, is a bitter taste of shamed reality.You wish you had done the right thing at the right time. Wish you had said the right thing at the right time and wish that you were alert when you were meant to be.

A mess is what this life is. We are here to make it better.

But once again, l prayed and continue to do so for all the residents of New Orleans. Stay positive l beg of thee!!!


I have come to believe that dreams actually do come true. I have also come to believe it is one thing to say you will do and another to do what you committed yourself to do.I have found that most of us don't have an idea how much hard work it is to actualize dreams. Now l know why there are few people who are celebrated by the rest of us. The difference is that they actually did their homework.

I have decided to be part of those that do their homework. I have quit talking and that is a great deal for me. Instead l am investing my energies in achieving what l see in my dreams. Of course this is coupled with prayer and a lot of wise decision making. I have told myself that if others have made it, l will surely make it. Seeing that God is a great part of my life and that l am not expecting Him to do my homework.

You know, l have come to believe that dreams actually do come true.But you have to be willing to do your homework.