Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I have come to believe that dreams actually do come true. I have also come to believe it is one thing to say you will do and another to do what you committed yourself to do.I have found that most of us don't have an idea how much hard work it is to actualize dreams. Now l know why there are few people who are celebrated by the rest of us. The difference is that they actually did their homework.

I have decided to be part of those that do their homework. I have quit talking and that is a great deal for me. Instead l am investing my energies in achieving what l see in my dreams. Of course this is coupled with prayer and a lot of wise decision making. I have told myself that if others have made it, l will surely make it. Seeing that God is a great part of my life and that l am not expecting Him to do my homework.

You know, l have come to believe that dreams actually do come true.But you have to be willing to do your homework.


Anonymous said...

I'm just blogging around looking for info, my blog is still a work in progress,as most of my time goes on my Trojan related site Trojan is my passion...lol

mocc said...

If you want to be a millionaire, then you have to do millionire work