Wednesday, April 05, 2006



A life at its twilight should have smiles from memories of dreams lived.

I am learning that it is important to have dreams. But it is more critical to follow them. More important to activate them.

That activating part is the point at which l find myself tripping. I have all these grand dreams which are someone else's reality. That's how come l know they can be achieved. No, not to be as insanely shapely as Halle Berry. Nopes. Kawa dreams.But making sure that those dreams come true is another thing.

Effort 90% genius 10%.

By the end of this year l want to say it was a good one. But to make sure l say this it means all the effort in the world will need to be employed.Lord help me. This life.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Okay lets talk about this relationship thing that l totally don't get.Not totally relationship but eehhh something like that.

I go out with this jamaa. I am totally at peace with me. Man the guy is cute and moneyed. Not that l care. Hapana not uongo. Dated loaded guys only for them to be the devil's advocate a few months down the line.

so this jamaa keeps telling me about his nyumba and his white carpet and leather seats. No, not wivu. Just wondering...eehhh did you pull me out of a possibly working evening - not that l don't thank you for that- but aaahhmmm!!! did you pull me out of the office to tell me how rich you are?

Hiyo kwisha. Now there is another lot of guys l love to hate. But sweetie as it is this intense love hate relationship is my curse.For sheezy. Hebu bambua this kitendawili. Half the time l date cute jamaas. And why not, they are the ones l end up liking and eventually loving. Bite me sweetie...ooops!! But you know what l hate about cute jamaas...they know they are all that. Plus my dear, they rub it in your face....ukae ukijua.

Question...why is it so hard for a jamaa to be cute and chill with his other half like a normal person instead of being the dog his friends are? attack just that l needed to unleash. My curse.. l am choosy for real. I like handy men. I don't know why. My defense - its how l am wired. But those are the very guys l walk away from.At some point you will wish you dated a ngomongo because this jamaa will not keep his hands from anything that wears skirts.How else do you explain cute chicks with some odd looking guys? Sorry am not a looky person. l just have talk about this.

It has taken me a long time to figure it curse that is. So now l am sitting at a corner do l get out? It is a catch 22 situation for real.Get hooked up to that kind of jamaa ..get headaches forever. Don't get hooked up to that kind of jamaa and am not walking that aisle. For ukweli. So what to do what to do?

I am totally wondering if there any cute jamaas who don't stress women, who have character.

From where l am standing, cute jamaas are spoilt brats who need to be baby sat all their lives. Na mimi siwezi. Kwa hivyo jo...l need all the help in the world.


What Honorable Njoki Ndung'u said was profound. A few days ago during a TV interview she said that and l paraphrase.... 'for women to get their issues handled by people who understood them they had to vote women into parliament." I totally agree. How many times do women complain that their issues don't take centre stage in parliament yet they make up over 50% of the electoral vote?

A timely question somebody asked was ....who votes these people in? Don't the women do? And that tells you something.

For change to occur in parliament women should start believing and voting in their own. Other than the vote, business women should support their own as they go fighting for these positions. There is power in numbers.

A good percentage of small businesses in Kenya that actually support the economy are owned by women. Imagine ...what would happen if these very women decided they needed to have their issues articulated in parliament and they actually put their money where their mouths are?

No this is not feminism. It is a fact. The fewer women are in government the fewer issues that concern us will be taken seriously.Women voters need to understand that women can make good leaders if given a chance.

So no complains come 2008 and nothing is being done that makes women smile.


It might be none of my business but when l see management of conflict issues not handled well...l just butt in.Sorry!!!

What is it with the French Prime Minister Villepin? Every time we turn our TVs on he is the object of anger from French nationals. Hasn't he learned that before you make a decision you need to consult? And for heaven sake - who is advising him? Aren't they supposed to be his eyes to avoid pitfalls?

When leaders make decisions without consultations it exhibits grave miscalculations. Mistakes like this are unacceptable. An intelligent government will understand that they are expensive. Imagine the kind of damage experienced when all these unions and whoever else goes on strike and messes up property. Can you think about the thousands of burned cars that the world witnessed just a few months ago? That mess ran into millions and lets not talk about the latest ones.Plus when people don't show up at work more money is lost.

Mr Dominique- get the right people around you. People who will teach you that consultations are critical to good leadership. You don't wait until the fire has burned up the house for you to realize that the smoke was actually a sign of an impending fire.Get your act together.



I met Kemboi the other day and for real he is a humble man. When asked why he is always slowing down to encourage his fellow athletes as they come to the finishing line he said... l would rather not win alone. If that is not humility, then tell me what is? In a world where everyone fights for themselves and keeps as much for them and their families, this attitude is like a breath of fresh air....aaaahhh!!!:-)

Moving on...l think l am totally grateful to God that we as Kenyans experienced a let down in the last few international athletic events. That is, up to now. We took it for granted that we were the athletic champions and that no one could overcome us. We were so blinded by the euphoria that comes with being number one. A position that sometimes is considered a curse.

When we were busy being blinded by our own status, the world was busy studying us and trying to understand how it is we could hold athletic titles for so long. What made us this good they asked? They got to know.Ethiopia overtook us. Japan caught up. And so have others.

This lesson was a good one. When you become too good, stop and evaluate your progress with honest voices from people who aren't biased. It helps you get grounded and see the fall before it happens. I can tell you for real, Kenyans will never take athletic competitions for granted. We will never assume that its a given for our athletes to return with a bagful of medals.

Our athletes need all the support they can get and from everyone they can get it from.