Monday, April 03, 2006


It might be none of my business but when l see management of conflict issues not handled well...l just butt in.Sorry!!!

What is it with the French Prime Minister Villepin? Every time we turn our TVs on he is the object of anger from French nationals. Hasn't he learned that before you make a decision you need to consult? And for heaven sake - who is advising him? Aren't they supposed to be his eyes to avoid pitfalls?

When leaders make decisions without consultations it exhibits grave miscalculations. Mistakes like this are unacceptable. An intelligent government will understand that they are expensive. Imagine the kind of damage experienced when all these unions and whoever else goes on strike and messes up property. Can you think about the thousands of burned cars that the world witnessed just a few months ago? That mess ran into millions and lets not talk about the latest ones.Plus when people don't show up at work more money is lost.

Mr Dominique- get the right people around you. People who will teach you that consultations are critical to good leadership. You don't wait until the fire has burned up the house for you to realize that the smoke was actually a sign of an impending fire.Get your act together.

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