Wednesday, April 05, 2006



A life at its twilight should have smiles from memories of dreams lived.

I am learning that it is important to have dreams. But it is more critical to follow them. More important to activate them.

That activating part is the point at which l find myself tripping. I have all these grand dreams which are someone else's reality. That's how come l know they can be achieved. No, not to be as insanely shapely as Halle Berry. Nopes. Kawa dreams.But making sure that those dreams come true is another thing.

Effort 90% genius 10%.

By the end of this year l want to say it was a good one. But to make sure l say this it means all the effort in the world will need to be employed.Lord help me. This life.


Poi said...

Tell, tell. Without dreams we got very little.

Are your intials KK coz u come out as one of my friends?

Prousette said...

Some dreams do come true, others do not but that is not an excuse not to dream.

Anonymous said...

pliz halla or is it rite when thos dreams do become a reality.god help u wit de effort part hahahah n to us all

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