Monday, April 03, 2006


What Honorable Njoki Ndung'u said was profound. A few days ago during a TV interview she said that and l paraphrase.... 'for women to get their issues handled by people who understood them they had to vote women into parliament." I totally agree. How many times do women complain that their issues don't take centre stage in parliament yet they make up over 50% of the electoral vote?

A timely question somebody asked was ....who votes these people in? Don't the women do? And that tells you something.

For change to occur in parliament women should start believing and voting in their own. Other than the vote, business women should support their own as they go fighting for these positions. There is power in numbers.

A good percentage of small businesses in Kenya that actually support the economy are owned by women. Imagine ...what would happen if these very women decided they needed to have their issues articulated in parliament and they actually put their money where their mouths are?

No this is not feminism. It is a fact. The fewer women are in government the fewer issues that concern us will be taken seriously.Women voters need to understand that women can make good leaders if given a chance.

So no complains come 2008 and nothing is being done that makes women smile.


bankelele said...

It's not just women, we need more young, professional, educated, honest, business/development oriented people in parliament.

But the campaign process, and party & election politics is so cumbersome, dirty, and expensive that many such people (above) will not take the risk of running for parliament.

Shiroh said...

Ditto Banks.

I am one person who thinks that affirmative action is a useless campaign.

There is nothing on a silver platter anywhere in the world.

If the campaigns are dirty, get into your gumboots and get into the mud.

If women need to get into parliament they gotta do what it takes to get there. Kwani Martha Karua, Ngilu and all the other female mps are men. I say if there are 222 women in each constituency for election at least 50 will pass.

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