Monday, February 18, 2008


I am really trying hard to keep a straight face with this.I don't know how this happens but l ain't seeing the sense in it.I am in the middle of fighting to move to the next level in my life.But in the middle of all this a friend of mine is crying faul.Why?She says l am not allowing men into my life.Okay back up alittle.
My concept is that men always find or will find me ahead.The idea of waiting for a man to do stuff for me or do stuff together is ridiculous.I just don't know how to peg my dreams on a man.My mum says its because l haven't met the right one that l keep saying...l am yet to meet a man who keeps his word and one that l can go out with.I have people surrounding me all the time.But men who keep their word....weeeelll that is a story for another day.No.l don't have a standard so high that they can't meet it.

Just that it gets confusing when l am investing in my future and you hear a guy what will you hubby do for you if you are already moving this fast?Oh well,l ain't a man basher because l don't think it is godly.I will only venture to say...utanipata mbele.I need to keep moving and rocking the boat of my life. Meanwhile l look to God for everything.

Yes..its magic in the air

And yes l feel magical today

Today is a day God reminded me again that He cares for the little things in my life.

Sitting at home early in the morning,someone decided to send me credit to my phone.That was overwhelming.Because just last night l was thinking l need to get money for my mo-phone.To others that might be an easy decision that doesn't seem to warrant a lot of headaches or calculation.But to someone like me who is starting again after losing everything to some investments, that is a big deal.

So it tells me that God knows all that l need and all the desires that l have.He knows them before l even mention them and is literally watching my back.

This was a beautiful reminder to say the least.I am in the middle of so much planning for my future.I am working and working around the clock so that some stuff happens in record time.I have never prayed like this. I have never needed God like this.I just need all to work out and move on smoothly.