Monday, February 18, 2008


I am really trying hard to keep a straight face with this.I don't know how this happens but l ain't seeing the sense in it.I am in the middle of fighting to move to the next level in my life.But in the middle of all this a friend of mine is crying faul.Why?She says l am not allowing men into my life.Okay back up alittle.
My concept is that men always find or will find me ahead.The idea of waiting for a man to do stuff for me or do stuff together is ridiculous.I just don't know how to peg my dreams on a man.My mum says its because l haven't met the right one that l keep saying...l am yet to meet a man who keeps his word and one that l can go out with.I have people surrounding me all the time.But men who keep their word....weeeelll that is a story for another day.No.l don't have a standard so high that they can't meet it.

Just that it gets confusing when l am investing in my future and you hear a guy what will you hubby do for you if you are already moving this fast?Oh well,l ain't a man basher because l don't think it is godly.I will only venture to say...utanipata mbele.I need to keep moving and rocking the boat of my life. Meanwhile l look to God for everything.


Anonymous said...

Talk of independence. watch out u are not too fast while still justifying how u r not.

farmgal said...

I say do what you can do now...why wait? If any man thinks you should wait around then they must be intimidated by successful women!

Anonymous said...

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