Monday, July 24, 2006


I called to have a meeting arranged for me to meet with Bill Gates and when l put the phone down, my colleagues laughed. Hysterically.

Up till now,l haven't figured out if it was out of spite or shock. When l asked a number of them, they said it was out of shock that l made this meeting look so trivial.Why?l wondered. Is it because of who l wanted to meet and discuss critical HIV/AIDS projects with?

Bill Gates was in Kenya. Obviously, it was silent because by the time l was calling l was 4 hours late.He had already left the country. What l don't get is the laughter.I like what Mr Gates is doing for Africa. I like what he is doing for the US and indeed the world.I like that he is out there trying to get a vaccine for this disease.That l totally love.The effort that is.

It is with such people l like to spend my time with.People who strive to make this world better than they found it. I guess some of my colleagues think l was way out of my league. But you know, l once read...How will you know that you can achieve the impossible without trying it? Someday, like l told the tour firm contact, l will get to have a meeting with Mr Bill Gates. This man is doing a great job.

Now, l wonder what if l had had a meeting with Mr Bill Gates, would it have been so funny?