Sunday, February 26, 2006


l promised myself that when l blog next, l would be doing my exercises and having a blast.I am:-)

5.30am every day l hit the road for 30 minutes. I come back home exhausted but refreshed. Did l mention after the jog l cool down for 10 long minutes? You can imagine when l get to do one hour, how long l will need to rest!!!

I have come to accept that it is very easy to give excuses. If given a chance l could fish out excuses from my coat pockets, hand bags and wherever else. But l have also come to realize that the people who make it, the people who live with no regrets, didn't make excuses part of their lives.

Isn't it nice to live a life of no regrets?!! It is so simple...lets stop making excuses for ourselves or for anyone else.


Titus Naikuni should help me understand this. What is the job of air stewards other than making a customer comfortable?

I don't know if it is me or l just want to complain. But its with great cynism and sneering that l watch Kenya Airways little PR stuff on TV trust me,l have told my friends about all these.

Do bosses know that when you actually get to the ground that is when you know what is really happening? And that you can be having all these media friendly stuff going and yet have customers complaining or frustrated?

The other day l went to Uganda. I had luggage with me. It was obviously too heavy for a mama like me. But what did the three Kenya Airways stewards do? They stood at the door with their hands folded as l pulled my bags up the stairs.These were books and knowing books - weighty is the word.I actually had to stop on every stair. Yes a few books but heavy.

I could not believe it was happening. No,l didn't expect their help but yes as a human being it is their responsibility to make customers comfortable.

So what were they doing there staring with hands folded? Doesn't courtesy extend to immediately l seem to be boarding your flight Mr Naikuni?


Is it me and my panicky self or is bird flu in Kenya? If you watched KTN on Saturday night and witnessed dead birds on trees, in the estates and some just dumped, you know what l am saying.

When birds don't have a good reason to die and then you hear its starvation or whatever other unbelievable reason being dished out, you get worried. This is an era of Bird flu. It is not those other times when kukus would drop dead and no one would pay attention. When you see an ignorant Kenyan touching a dead bird, you get chills all the way to your toes.

Officials need to carry out an awareness campaign on this Bird flu thing.If this Bird flu thing figures a way to go from human to human, it will be the catastrophe of the century. And don't tell me that Kenya is prepared.Not when we are holding dead birds bear handed on national television.

So please tell me l am not paranoid.If it was in Nigeria what makes this country different?


Like the rest of you,l have been reading the newspapers with baited breath. How did Kenyans get so corrupt?

I have total respect for the media. But sometimes like someone once said...Great blessings come with great responsibilities. So it would be nice to balance the equation here as we go after a crowd that thinks it can take us all for granted. So the writer who went looking for Hon Kiraitu's 89 year old mother should wear a mask for the next few days. You should be totally ashamed of yourself for going beyond media ethics. That mama is too old to know about Anglo leasing. Did you want to give her a heart attack or what?

Okay no digressing just l thought whoever wrote that should get a lashing. Corruption eats a nation from its head. Ever heard a fish rots from it's head? Yeah right.

Its amazing that these people actually thought they wouldn't be caught. Such audacity, such stupidity.

Well l will give it to Githongo, Sir, thank you for reading all the spy novels and watching all the spy movies. And who said technology and people embracing it won't be helpful in politics:-) Man these guys had it coming. They were actually recorded. Manze if you see a kid watching all those spy movies don't harakisha them...they might be the next Githongo. God knows we need them.

Hey technology actually brought down these folks.


Okay l know it is totally late for this comment...But being me l will write. Upende usipende.

After listening to all arguments plus reasoning that befits a mosquito and its generations...l have to say the mzungu who talked about giving our children dog food is totally absent minded if not ill informed.

Going on national TV and doing an interview that truly degraded Kenyans exhibits her lack of intelligence. Why? If she had researched on Kenyans she would have known that we are actually not apes but human beings. That we have cities that have electricity plus we are truly forward moving.Did she forget that this country has a Nobel laureate?

To think that giving us dog food is doing us a favor is to display your stupidity beyond words. I don't even think that whatever she suggested has a word in the English dictionary. Her actions are better explained in the Kamba dictionary:-) Some words said in mother tongue sound better and hit the nail right on its head.