Sunday, February 26, 2006


Is it me and my panicky self or is bird flu in Kenya? If you watched KTN on Saturday night and witnessed dead birds on trees, in the estates and some just dumped, you know what l am saying.

When birds don't have a good reason to die and then you hear its starvation or whatever other unbelievable reason being dished out, you get worried. This is an era of Bird flu. It is not those other times when kukus would drop dead and no one would pay attention. When you see an ignorant Kenyan touching a dead bird, you get chills all the way to your toes.

Officials need to carry out an awareness campaign on this Bird flu thing.If this Bird flu thing figures a way to go from human to human, it will be the catastrophe of the century. And don't tell me that Kenya is prepared.Not when we are holding dead birds bear handed on national television.

So please tell me l am not paranoid.If it was in Nigeria what makes this country different?

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