Sunday, February 26, 2006


Okay l know it is totally late for this comment...But being me l will write. Upende usipende.

After listening to all arguments plus reasoning that befits a mosquito and its generations...l have to say the mzungu who talked about giving our children dog food is totally absent minded if not ill informed.

Going on national TV and doing an interview that truly degraded Kenyans exhibits her lack of intelligence. Why? If she had researched on Kenyans she would have known that we are actually not apes but human beings. That we have cities that have electricity plus we are truly forward moving.Did she forget that this country has a Nobel laureate?

To think that giving us dog food is doing us a favor is to display your stupidity beyond words. I don't even think that whatever she suggested has a word in the English dictionary. Her actions are better explained in the Kamba dictionary:-) Some words said in mother tongue sound better and hit the nail right on its head.

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