Friday, April 20, 2007


Lets discuss this...l have found out something that is propelling me to live a very satisfied life.

What would you rather have more or time? Let me tell you something l have found out that is now driving me like crazy to live out my days with great purpose.

A disclaimer here before l make this statement is that ....l know money is very very important.That it helps a lot of stuff that is good happen.

But l have come to appreciate a very critical thing that l should learn how to create time. Yes baby, creating time. I used to hear you can create time to do this or that. But when you ask these same people how do you do that? They simply have no answers. If they do, it comes in a form of you having to work more days and hours.

I have created time by just paying someone to do something they are good at. Like that delivery that would take me about two hours to deliver thereby denying me time to write up my precious concept papers or discuss how to raise funds for a community that really needs help.

Did you know you can walk out today and blow off all your money and then turn around and make that same amount of money in less time because you are wiser? Okay, that's a mouthful. But you try and blow off your time. My dear, you will never recover it.It is gone.It can't be replaced. But can be replaced.

But hey, l am not encouraging anyone to go out there and waste their money.Nopes. I am asking you to sit back and think through this time and money balance. Yes, you can create time by working more hours and days. Yes, you can create time by working smart. So what's your choice? Any day of the week and twice on Sunday...l had rather work smart.


Its a beautiful Saturday morning here in Nairobi, Kenya. Hmmm!! how nice to have good weather. Well, its been very cloudy and wet especially this week. So a change is as good as a rest.

I am encouraged every day to live out my dreams. I was watching a movie the other day in which Queen Latifah and LL Cool J star. Very encouraging movie even though l can't remember the name now.Yep it is Last does that name escape my mind. But one thing l came away with was that we should not be afraid to reach out for our dreams. We should live every day with all the psyche in the world...remembering that you have only one life. One of the most moving scenes in that movie for me is when Latifah's character looks at herself in the mirror and is talking to her reflection...Next time don't be so more and it goes on and on. That right there, is what is very close to my heart. Don't be afraid things will go wrong if you start to live out your dreams. God will give you enough grace for it.

Go out and get a copy of that movie and sit down and watch it. This is the kind of movie you keep a copy for yourself because you will watch it over and over because you will definitely not get everything the first time. It has deep lessons. I am moving from a place where l just watch movies simply because they have good titles. I have made up my mind to watch movies that are motivational, movies that compel you to live a better life...a great life.

So my dear, go out and watch Last Holiday and pick up your dreams from where you left them.