Saturday, April 02, 2005


I don't know if it is me only; but l am sad that l like this Pope more now than ever. Not that l had any beef with him before. My earnest prayers are with him.

I have been watching CNN and SKY and l truly like what l hear about this very genuine spiritual figure. I listened to Sky news this morning as the anchor presented some highlights on the Pope's life. I was amazed. It made me think,"what will people say of me when l am dying or dead?" His very public suffering as he fights for his life has caused me to think deeply about my life. What legacy am l leaving behind? When all is said and done, what will be said of me?

These are questions we should ask ourselves as we watch and pray for the Pope. These are questions if not answered now, will cause you to live a life worthy of no mentionable legacy.

According to me, this is a man who has lived a worthy life. Otherwise, please explain to me why there is deep soul searching among the human race? No one elicits that kind of phenomenon unless they lived a worthy life.


I have been thinking for a long time now about staying steady and focused on achieving my goals. For the longest time now, l held the view that l should re-strategize to enble me to make my dreams work. True. But that was until l came across an article from one of the many ezines l receive.

It was all about commitment. The writer submitted that if one wasn't committed to seeing a goal to the end then there was nothing that could ever be done to help the person. He suggested that committment showed the level of one's personal integrity.

I also liked what he said about accomplishing your goals,"What point is there to set up goals you know you won't meet?" For a moment there l was taken aback. I pondered on that thought. I concluded that the whole article was an eye opener.

I remembered some of the goals l had set and not accomplished. I began to think through my options. It then dawned on me that indeed personal integrity is tied to accomplishing your goals.

Most of us have lost personal integrity. We say we will do something and a few months, years down the line that doesn't happen. So what really happens? Usually there is no explaination that one died therefore this or that could not be done.

My conclusion then is that for me to get anywhere in this beautiful life, personal integrity will be tied into all l wish too accomplish.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Exactly who are these human rights activists fighting for?

There are many debates going on in Kenya right now. But l will pick up only one. The one of shoot to kill - An order that Hon. Michuki the Minister for national Security in Kenya gave.

First, l believe that in the grand scheme of things, all life is precious. So its not like l will sit here and watch people die and smile. That will be sadistic of me.

Lets take this to another level. I believe that the activists who are busy shouting down Mr Michuki's orders have two things in common. One-they have never experienced these thugs in action. Secondly- they live in plush areas in this city or country at that and have body guards to boot. So in essence, they are not living in the real Nairobi.

The real Nairobi is what my friend encountered on Thursday when she was on her way home. A route she is familiar with had taken a new look of violence. A few hours before she got there a woman had been shot in the head resulting to loss of her teeth. As we speak, she is in Kenyatta hospital. Another person had his head split nearly into two in the same area and on the same night. He is also in hospital fighting for dear life.

Question-where are these human rights activists when people are dying after tortures hours in the hands of men-turned-beasts? Where are they?

I believe that human rights activists have a place in our world. But when they begin to behave like they are not part of a society then they raise eyebrows. I would like to know if any of them have watched their wives, daughters or even mothers raped by hooligans who you are not sure have the HIV virus. I would like to know if they have opened their doors to a terrified neighbor who had a gun to his back but who couldn't say so because thugs were behind him. I would like to know if they have faced a gang who have threatened to pass the HIV virus to their wives and daughters if they didn't co-operate during a robbery. Exactly who are these human rights activists defending?

I know that there is the issue of gun-totting policemen getting trigger happy to the detriment of a reasonable society. But l also know that this is not what Hon. Michuki wants unless l am mistaken.

So lets get some balance here. Hon. Michuki ask your men not to get trigger happy. If they do, let them face the full force of the law. As for you Human rights activists, shout about what makes sense or shut up. Remember, while you have your whatever number of bodyguards, some of us have to kaa ngumu in a country we love yet gone bad. Make yourselves useful by knowing which angle of the argument to take.

Percy Barnevik, an executive once said "You must avoid the investigation trap you can't postpone tough decisions by studying them to death." And that is to you dear colleagues in the human rights arena. This is a tough decision. But how are we going to claim our country from thugs?