Saturday, April 02, 2005


I have been thinking for a long time now about staying steady and focused on achieving my goals. For the longest time now, l held the view that l should re-strategize to enble me to make my dreams work. True. But that was until l came across an article from one of the many ezines l receive.

It was all about commitment. The writer submitted that if one wasn't committed to seeing a goal to the end then there was nothing that could ever be done to help the person. He suggested that committment showed the level of one's personal integrity.

I also liked what he said about accomplishing your goals,"What point is there to set up goals you know you won't meet?" For a moment there l was taken aback. I pondered on that thought. I concluded that the whole article was an eye opener.

I remembered some of the goals l had set and not accomplished. I began to think through my options. It then dawned on me that indeed personal integrity is tied to accomplishing your goals.

Most of us have lost personal integrity. We say we will do something and a few months, years down the line that doesn't happen. So what really happens? Usually there is no explaination that one died therefore this or that could not be done.

My conclusion then is that for me to get anywhere in this beautiful life, personal integrity will be tied into all l wish too accomplish.

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Mentalacrobatics said...

Deep post. Very thought provoking. I feel personal integrity is the one thing which if we were to increase Africa and Kenya would truly rise. Thanks for sharing!