Saturday, April 02, 2005


I don't know if it is me only; but l am sad that l like this Pope more now than ever. Not that l had any beef with him before. My earnest prayers are with him.

I have been watching CNN and SKY and l truly like what l hear about this very genuine spiritual figure. I listened to Sky news this morning as the anchor presented some highlights on the Pope's life. I was amazed. It made me think,"what will people say of me when l am dying or dead?" His very public suffering as he fights for his life has caused me to think deeply about my life. What legacy am l leaving behind? When all is said and done, what will be said of me?

These are questions we should ask ourselves as we watch and pray for the Pope. These are questions if not answered now, will cause you to live a life worthy of no mentionable legacy.

According to me, this is a man who has lived a worthy life. Otherwise, please explain to me why there is deep soul searching among the human race? No one elicits that kind of phenomenon unless they lived a worthy life.


nick said...

The pope was a great man. He lived his life well and i could only wish to emulate him-even a fraction.

I join the world as we mourn him-never before shall we such humility and serenity in anyone. irregardless of creed he surely was a man of God. He was our role model and even in death he died with honor.

World Issues said...

I am not a catholic but i am just curious???? did pope ever had a wife? kids? and family.... I have never had anyone mention about pope's love life... If thats true that he din't have a wife, did he have a girlfriend? I am not sure if was given a position to be pope i dunno what will i do...i will prolly have to turn it down and be a pimp of my own...or change the catholic rules to let pope's at least have a girlfriend to stay together(a nun) or something.... Jesus had a girlfriend..but was crusiffied before they get married why not pope?? holla back... am just curriuos people!!! Help me straighten this whole pope thing and love life. And i am sure if catholic priests were allowed to be married or atleast date nuns, am sure all this mass suffering of little catholic innocent kids being sexually assulted would not have happenened.

nick said...

hey there@kenyan issues
-there are bigger issues out there than having a girl or a wife...when it comes to sacrificing all to serve the lord-there is no bigger sacrifice.

So to answer your question no he didnt have a wife or a ka-supuu on the side

No! marriage wont help all those innocent boys. same can be said for other churches where pastors and ministers either mollest or have affairs. Remember Jimmy Swaggart being caught with a prostitute ("lord i have sinned!")

Yeah scandal is everywhere why they concentrate it on the catholic church,i'll never understand

Anonymous said...

Kenyan issues,
The Pope did not have a wife or girlfriend, he however had a very close female friend when he was younger, before entering priesthood.

Greg said...

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