Sunday, November 11, 2007


Leo hii, am tired. I just travelled from Voi this weekend and my body is just tired.So here are some thoughts.....l was thinking....that people need to learn to take a break when their bodies get tired.

I just don't get it when l see humans insisting on working while fatigued.Tired human beings are just useless.They make unbelievable mistakes.When a surgeoun has been on his feet for over 12 hours don't you think that is a tired man or woman?So why would l want someone like that operate on another human being?

When you are tired you get irritable in terms of mood.But you also become vulnerable to diseases because your immune system is compromised. A compromised immune system gives way to a sick body and what can you do with a sick body?

Next time you get fatigued and want to press on...remember all the above.A healthy individual is a more alert worker and therefore more productive.All the employers said ....AMEN