Sunday, February 26, 2006


Titus Naikuni should help me understand this. What is the job of air stewards other than making a customer comfortable?

I don't know if it is me or l just want to complain. But its with great cynism and sneering that l watch Kenya Airways little PR stuff on TV trust me,l have told my friends about all these.

Do bosses know that when you actually get to the ground that is when you know what is really happening? And that you can be having all these media friendly stuff going and yet have customers complaining or frustrated?

The other day l went to Uganda. I had luggage with me. It was obviously too heavy for a mama like me. But what did the three Kenya Airways stewards do? They stood at the door with their hands folded as l pulled my bags up the stairs.These were books and knowing books - weighty is the word.I actually had to stop on every stair. Yes a few books but heavy.

I could not believe it was happening. No,l didn't expect their help but yes as a human being it is their responsibility to make customers comfortable.

So what were they doing there staring with hands folded? Doesn't courtesy extend to immediately l seem to be boarding your flight Mr Naikuni?


Girl next door said...

I hate it when companies do all that PR b.s. about giving good service but when they have a chance to show it they do nothing. said...

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bankelele said...

They probably wished that you had checked the luggage, rather than lugged it around

Stunuh Jay said...

You should expect them to help you with your luggage:
1) It's only polite
2) It's only part of the extended PR because everyone in a company is repsonsible for how the outside world views their company

kiplagat said...

KQ hand luggage policy must be lax, you are not supposed to have more than 7KG. You should have checked it in. That said, the KQ hosties could have tried to help or organize for your bag to be checked in to the cargo hold.

kamundulio said...


I had less than the 7kgs. Have you ever tried carrying books that weigh that much? They feel like they are hundreds of kgs.

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