Monday, January 23, 2006


I have not been here for long. I am officially a tired girl. I have been running all over making sure that some contract actually works.

Now here is a lesson l have learned. This l knew but kept thinking hmmm!!it should be practical some day. I have learned that it is important, actually crucial, to perform at a level of excellence.

When we are asked to do something how do we do it? Well l learned. With God's help l went beyond the call of duty. As a result a huge huge contract got transfered to our office. I am talking huge. I have also learned that doing your best is not enough. It is doing your best plus plus.Delivering beyond expectations is something that should not be negotiable.

When you deliver beyond expectation it might not get noticed immediately but soon it will. I always say you had better be prepared because you never know when preparation will meet opportunity.We always miss opportunity because we are not prepared. No matter what you do, keep excellence as a friend. Let excellence be the monitor by which you measure yourself.

This l know for sure...Never underestimate preparation meeting opportunity. I tell you, it becomes like a great explosion which no one can ignore.And it totally pays,no matter how long it takes.


Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Hey lost one. I totally agree with you we plan to Fail IF we FAIL to PLAN.

Shiroh said...

Excellence,i am too average to achieve excellence