Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I don't want to want it so bad that l will cheat, lie and scheme to get it.

Okay back up right there.Ni nini?

Okay l am talking about this Korean scientist who lied about the cloning stuff.
I believe the world watched in horror as he said all that he needed to confess. Some of those around him were even crying.I don't know if it was in disbelief, dissapointment or the feeling of being let down.

But as l watched that piece l just kept having a nagging question that refused and refuses to give way... why is it we want something so bad that we lie to get it? Why is it that an athlete wants the medal so bad that he takes enhancement drugs? Baby you want it so bad you lie, cheat, scheme and do whatever else to just get it.

aaaahmmm!! lets make something clear. I am not a saint. I have my chaotic side as do all of you. But l am at a place where l have decided and told God to help me not to want anything so bad that l have to lie to get it.

My question is ...don't you ever think you will get caught? Maybe you don't care about being caught. But Lord where did our morals go? Where did our consciences go?

Do you want it that bad that you will lie, cheat and scheme to get it? Mimi a Kenyan l need to be enlightened. Kwani nini?


Poi said...

There you go..that's my prayer too to never want so bad as to going so far as to lie/scheme/cheat to get it eeeeisshhhh!

mshairi said...

I think this man was so caught up in the adulation he received from colleagues and indeed the whole country (there was a clip on the news the other day about how he was revered in Korea) that he convinced himself no one would find out.

Thanks for stopping by my blog Kamundulio and best wishes for 2006.

Nakeel said...

Happy New Year.

No one doesnt hav to cherat and scheme to get what she wants after lying and all that the truth will come out one day..

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