Monday, September 11, 2006


leadership,leadership, leadership.aaahhm!!!What happened to maintaining respect and cordial relations as far as leaders are concerned?

The last time l checked we still had democratic space to say whatever it is that we wanted to. Hon. Ngilu expressed herself and for that she got some predictable tongue lashing from her counterpart Hon. Michuki.But for Hon. Ngilu it was not enough to punch back in front of a media that was clearly having a field day.She had to go out there, surrounded by women power to show this man 'who needs to have his head checked by the doctors,'who she really is.

First, l think Hon. Michuki's comments were in bad taste,very bad taste.It showed disrespect.To even mention the Kamba dance with disrespect like that was unacceptable.And no,its not because l am a kamba kivindyo.That has nothing to do with it. Muheshimiwa, that was really disrespectful to the Kamba community which l should remind you will be holding your destiny with their votes next year.

Away from a rattling Muheshimiwa, what was it with the dancing women and a marching Hon Ngilu to her counterpart's office? Okay, now supposing they would have met, fist fight? Hon. Ngilu knows better than showing up at another minister's office with loud-noisly-singing-out-of-key women.It is so down there.

Question to both of you waheshimiwas..couldn't this have been settled any different? Fighting in front of the whole country is disgusting.It could actually cost you your votes.Plus l don't think it shows a good picture of the government when you keep doing that.Kenyans want leaders who are mature enough to know which fights to pick.We have children's drama if we want them. We don't need leaders who don't understand that they are first national leaders before they are politicians.There is a distinct difference.

It is infantile thinking to flex childish muscles that don't mean squat to anyone watching and listening.

When leaders get into such fights something suffers, and that is the country's welfare. I mean, if you have spoken like Hon Michuki or run around with your girls club like Hon Ngilu, where will you get the energy to address meaningful matters of state?I mean one is busy running their mouth and getting away and the other is busy chasing.

When will this infantile behaviour stop?

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