Monday, September 11, 2006


Lets start from the tippy top...Charity begins at home but for our political leaders, it begins in USA or UK.

The much celebrated United States Senator Barack Obama is a man who knows clearly that looking good starts from the home front.This man who was busy looking good abroad was looking even better back at home.Home here meaning the USA.What most of us didn't know is that while Senator Obama was here, a bill he had fought hard for together with his Oklahoma counterpart, Senator Tom Coburn, was getting passed by the Senate.

The 'Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act," is a bill that will create a Google-like search engine and database to track approximately $1 trillion in federal grants, contracts, earmarks and loans.

Senator Obama hopes that this bill will help lift the veil of secrecy in Washington adding that'... this database will help make us better legislators, reporters better journalists, and voters more active citizens.'

Now, why all the talking about the Senator? One thing is clear.He doesn't just go out there and show his sweet side while at home he is wanting in leadership.I can't say that about most of our leaders.

Funny isn't it?They go out there and look all good.But back home they are wanting in their leadership.No waheshimiwas.I am not against you travelling and fundraising or doing whatever it is you want to do out there. What l frown upon is that, you go out there and make Kenyan leadership look like it stepped out of hell, while back at home you have nothing to show in way of intelligent judgement in your decisions.No,l am not saying the leadership here has saintly rings over their heads.No.

What l am saying is that most of you have reputations that are totally wanting.You are the first guys to cause commotion,entertaining infantile behavior is your cup of tea and many other things that are shameful to mention.

As national leaders, you need to learn that charity begins at home. You need to be saints both out there and back here.That can't be emphasized more than it has.


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I couldnt agree more. I have had the opportunity to mingle with Kenyan politicians when they have visited the states. Not only are their visits targeted to their tribal communities, but when presented with legitimate questions on Kenyan development, they tend to beat about the bush. Kweli mwana siasa Kenya hana msimamo. check us out as we try to create dialogue with Kenyans on issues affecting us. contact:

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