Wednesday, September 13, 2006


72hours had not elapsed before Kenyan leaders behaved very very badly. What's with the fist fighting?

Can't people settle their disagreements amicably?What's with the getting physical? Do these gentlemen know that they are in the public eye?

No,l am not giving you a break.Yes,l know you are human beings and therefore not perfect. But the reason l cannot give you a break is because you were very alert when you got elected to office.You were not elected in absentia neither were you absent minded.

A public office comes with it's responsibilities and therefore, expectations. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but part of the bargain is to almost be perfect.No mistakes.No sympathies when you make any errors.The public is not an extension of your bedroom or otherwise.Is this so difficult to understand?

Just a suggestion.A number of you need to either read leadership books or go for lessons on the same.It could actually keep you from behaving badly in public.


acolyte said...

Okay, who was fighting now?I thought Ngilu vs Michuki was the end of drama for sometime.

StackOfStiffys said...

These political fights at times are just dragged on and on, for eternity it seems. Today, Mutula Kilonzo and Koigi Wamwere had a big argument on Showdown on NTV, till callers had to ask them to calm (more like clam) down and discuss the issue at hand.

Kenyan leaders are too old to learn anything anew though, we all just need to coalesce and vote them out.

WM said...

Would you kindly tell me when they were behaving well, so that I can have a benchmark to note when they started behaving badly? I'm afraid I can't tell, but no doubt, that is due to a severe disabilit on my part.
All peace, out.