Monday, September 11, 2006


I have said this before..that l write mostly in my head. This is especially true as far as this blog is concerned.l usually have all these issues in my head and l argue my case and it makes sense. Only it is me who decides if it does indeed make sense:-).

Anyways, been all over the place.I have loads of work.Finally, dreams really come true.I have two jobs.Dream jobs if l may add.You know the other day l was telling a friend of mine that sometimes we ignore what we know intuitively even though it is what we should do. I have come to believe that,it doesn't matter if l can't prove something.If l know that it will work l will go ahead and execute it. No, not anything horrible.

What l mean is, l have come to trust my gut instinct.Most of us just think it is another voice that is unreasonable.But truth be told, people who have had great breakthroughs just trusted their instinct.If you could have asked them in the dead of the night if they thought it could work out, the answer you could have come away with could have been shocking.

So shortly,l am learning how to trust that gut instinct.Of course, l weigh it. But trust me,l always run with it. As a result,l have started to feel like l am getting to where l have always thought l belong....where my dreams live.

There's no feeling like that. So can you imagine the day things just open up?!!!

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