Monday, August 07, 2006


Okay, l need to complain. I need to shout until l choke and my voice gets hoarse.What is wrong with this picture?

Nearly 4 years later they now come up from their little holes to say, "oh we will have water shortage because oops!!! the Sasumua dam got damaged," "when?, " "2003." 2003?!!! Where were they all this time?Why didn't they repair it when they noticed that it had gotten damaged? This is the most annoying thing to hear on the Prime News. Some smartly dressed Kenyans purporting to be experts. Experts? Which experts let things slide to this extend? Do these experts from the Nairobi Water company have performance contracts? When we are being told ...Tujivunie kuwa Wakenya.. this just dampens it.Who put these 'experts' in charge? Do they know how much water costs?

They should actually pay for the damages.And don't tell me about the system.Ati it would have taken long to get stuff running. The system is you and me. If we bog it down, it will be bogged down. A system can never be bogus. It is the so called 'experts' that are bogus thereby rendering the system bogus.The system is amorphous,remember?

Get your act together Nairobi Water Company.Don't show up wearing designer suits and give us garbage during 9 O'clock Prime News.Kenyans don't believe talk anymore.The government taught us to believe actions.They are experts at promises when they are desperately searching for the winning vote. So why should we believe words? Nairobi Water Company ...YOUR ACTIONS ARE SO LOUD WE CAN'T HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.


mocha said...


These soooooo called 'experts' and 'politicians' should be given a public flogging.

Ebu keep us individuals out here updated. It may not affect us physically, but emotionally it does, coz our relatives are still there.

Acolyte said...

I so feel you!These peeps have no excuse for throwing wood!We need change!

Marazzmatazz said...

(All up in protest) Exactly my sentiments in my blog. Damn, we needed change the minute we voted them in! Hii euphoria brought us nothing but perdition. And to think they'd be busy tellin' us "tujivunie", i'd be very pleased to kick them out of office instead!

Hugo Denis said...

Interesting blog you have here.