Monday, November 06, 2006


The other day l was in a meeting where we laughed when the speaker told us that he was being charged for extra land which seemed to increase by the hour as a result of the lake moving inwards.That was a laugh we won't be having for a long time because of global warming.

Today during the United Nations meetings l was wondering.... what are we waiting for to understand how serious global warming is? Do we need a mallet to our heads so that we can begin to scream that everyone should give this critical issue all the attention it needs?

Again,l come back to civil society.We need to hear your voices. The civil society organizations understand better about the importance of these issues of climate change and particularly global warming.Therefore, they that understand best need to scream loudest without taking a break.

We are probably seeing more of Climate Change stories because of this United Nations meeting.What about after 18th November 2006 when this meeting will be over? Will this be an issue?

Civil society together with all other interested parties need to keep up the momentum if not increase it.The media only catches on if it can pick this as being a serious issue as presented by the interested parties. Of course l won't abdicate the media from its responsibility of reporting issues that are of concern to the society. They live in this region and therefore have a responsibility of making this place better than they found it by bringing to light issues of concern.The media affects decisions whether personal or national.They therefore need to use the power of their pens.

Africa, this has to be a concerted effort from all areas.If we are to survive this and have the generations that follow us live a better life, we need to plant seeds of responsibility right now. We need to do less finger pointing and more resolving of the contentious issues and actioning what we decide at international meetings.

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