Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Its interesting...The Da Vinci Code argument that is.

I am a bit concerned by the stand that the Kenyan Clergy took today on the Da Vinci Code. No, l am not agreeing with Dan Brown's book or Ron Howard's movie take on the issue. In fact, l am totally out there trying to get people to go the opposite direction as far as belief is concerned.Lets start here..the clergys' knee jerk reaction to this movie.This is a typical reaction to this movie from these clergy quarters. The clergy waited until the movie got here and then reacted.

By now, dear Kenyans, we all know we are a global village - that cannot escape your mind. Surely some clergy must have watched the reaction this movie was eliciting from the other parts of the world and predicted the same would happen here.

A number of Clergy in the US and Parts of Canada took advantage and actually addressed the contentious issues brought up in the movie.My advice? Allow your members to watch this movie. Surely, like someone said, you cannot ignore a book that has sold more than 40million copies. Neither can you stop a movie that opened in over 124,000 movie theatres around the world.There goes the global village again.

Instead, this is what l think the church should do. Research about the issues raised in the movie and allow the discussion to take place in the church.If you are too lazy to do your homework then visit Lee strobel's site and get information on it. Lee Strobel is a Christian apologetic who is a Yale educated lawyer, in case you are wondering. Lee and others make the Da Vinci Code's contentious issues so easy to comprehend. They have done their homework and have proof.

The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction.Even the agnostic documents that the author Dan Brown quotes from don't agree with what he says. It is basically 10% truth and the rest? Well you guessed it..90% fiction.The Outreach magazine points out that 7 out of 10 churches in the US are either planning to address or are addressing the contentious issues brought up in this movie.This is what the clergy in Kenya should do.

There have been claims that most Christians in Kenya are a centimetre deep in their knowledge of the Bible. Meaning? A great percentage of Christians in Kenya get swept, worried and even shaken by everything.They are not grounded in the Bible and if challenged, they would actually come up short. Right now our clergy is experiencing the chicken little state where 'the sky is falling on our heads' because of a fiction movie. What does that tell their Church members? If the father of the house hollas about something without first understanding it, the children will obviously go out and check out whatever it is that is eliciting that adverse reaction.

Trust me clergy. Do your homework. Get it right the first time so that no matter what gets thrown at you or your members no one will be experiencing knee jerk reactions.

To quote Mike Licona the director of the Apologetics Evangelism, "Christianity does stand under scrutiny." So stop with the annoying knee jerk reaction.


POTASH said...

"There have been claims that Christians in Kenya are a centimetre deep in their knowledge of the Bible"

totally with you on that one. Kenyan christians only know what their preachers tell them.
Also to question the jesus story doesn't make it less true, it only strengthens faith, because faith is a personal walk with God. But kenyan's just wany to shout: Blasphemy!!!

spicebear said...

if kenyans are a centimetre deep in their knowledge of the bible, then many are ignorant of how the bible in its present form came to be. i may not be the most devout christian but i do know that way before the da vinci code and holy blood holy grail the gospels of thomas, phillip and mary magdalene were found, a chapel in the south of france has been dedicated to sarah (rumoured to be the child of jesus and mary) has been around for hundreds of years. none of these shook the foundation and premise of the church. if i am not wrong, there is nowhere in the bible that says that jesus did not get married so why it is blasphemous is beyond me.

it is a good platform for discussion and the calls to ban it doesn't do anyone any good.

Shiroh said...

Its Kenyan's knee jerk reaction to everything just because others did.
Go watch the movie then we can proceed from there.

Anonymous said...

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Prousette said...

I read the book way before it became a movie and 'shook' christianity to the core.
It leaves some very pertinent questions that I have often wondered about, like why women cannot be priests -it is not written in the bible, why priests have to be celibate etc basically how the church became what it is right now. The reason why people find it blasphemous is beyond me because it is not saying anything new, just from a different angle.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Da vinci code and I was not at all shaken but it is a clear indication that there are far too many people who are uninformed but simply follow everything that one person concocts in his/her state of tedium!

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The Da Vinci Code SoundTarck said...

he Da Vinci Code is in the same genre of the movie the Last Temptation of Christ wherein Scorsese posited the same notion, although this temptation with Mary only played out in Jesus' mind while on the cross, which created a tempest of outrage by the Christian Church and launched the movie into a new stratosphere as a result.

Anonymous said...

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