Monday, January 21, 2008


Hey wassup l didn't die.Am still here. Thank God for life.In Kenya right now you can't take life for granted. That sunset right there is treasured.
Just that my life is painful.l am wondering does anyone loose everything and rebuild again? I hear those nice stories everyday of people who lost everything and rebuilt their lives to even greater heights with God.How the hell did they do that?I lost everything but took time to realize.Now l am wondering how l will start.Everyday l am numb.I wake up at 5am and yet cannot step out of bed.I sit there wondering..Lord how do l start all over again? How does anyone start again when all you worked for has been taken away from you?The feeling of helplessness is just too much. Then comes compromise.People who offer you everything you need but at a cost.Lord have mercy on me.

This month l am doing a 21day fast for my life.I am hoping that God won't take me for a ride.I know He won't but l am totally scared coz of that thing of waiting on God.It can be tough.It is tough.

Pray for me.If you know any tricks to get me back on my feet, share them.Realistic ones that is.Hehehehe.I love God for who He is.

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Anonymous said...

When i lost everything...God did come through for me. It took time but He came through. My biggest test was trust...spend your time building faith through listening to testimonies and reading God's word...then Pray the prayer of that belives without a doubt...and when you are tempted to doubt...recharge on faith.He is faithful.... be accurate in prayer...