Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Here is a topic l have been avoiding...but sometimes an acute lack of common sense goes missing from our leadership that avoiding this topic altogether is difficult.

I think this weekend’s nominations were the greatest shams on this planet. Leaders endorsing defeated candidates are disgraceful human beings. To say it politely, they are shameless. It all comes down to human beings using force and a lot of it. I am saddened by the violence that was witnessed across the country during the nomination primaries. But this violence is a sign that leaders are not listening to wanjiku.

Do you know the paradox that is Kenyan politics? The paradox is that Kenyans have witnessed a growth in democratic space and therefore have found their voices. Finding their voices has helped them learn to say what kind of leadership they want. The other side of that coin is that if they don’t like something and it is being forced down their throats, they go berserk.

This is not the Kenya where you could force any decision down the throats of docile human beings. This is a Kenya that has found its own voice. The leadership in this country should be aware of that. Something else, leaders should remember the euphoria goes both ways. This simply means that the same voters who thunder your praises when they think you are right are the same ones who will crucify you if they even think that you crossed the line.

We as Kenyans have suddenly learned to hold our leaders to their promises. So if you ask me, those who promised heaven had better be ready to deliver it together with the angels therein.

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